Looking back…


Some things change, some things stay the same. When I started writing this blog about four years ago I was in the same job but lower down the pay scale; I was in an on/off relationship with a guy named Andy; I was a passionate pagan and my Mum was still living at home although her mind and general health had started to deteriorate. Now my Mum is in a care home and she hardly recognises me, spiritually I have become a very active and committed Satanist, I have found my soul mate and life partner who turned out to be a woman, and I have a fairly senior position in my company. Hmm, well it hasn’t been boring anyway…

Looking for some inspiration for something to write about this week I descided to look back through my blog and  remind myself what I have been writing about during the past four years. The following is a list of the ten most popular posts I have written during that time. Most of them, it turns out, were written in the last couple of years.

I’d Like To Be A Prostitute…
Sex And Morality
The Accidental Lesbian
Nudity, Art and Pornography
Liebster Award
Sex In Paganism
Sex Positive Feminism
Little Talks–Of Monsters And Men

Hmm, well I do see a trend there! When I started writing this blog I had no idea which direction it would take. I probably thought it would be a personal journal or perhaps a space to write about witchcraft and paganism… As it turns out, there’s an awful lot about sex in it!

I guess because of it’s catchy title and some of the tags I used, “I’d like to be a prostitute,” is by far my most successful post in terms of the number of visitors it attracted. I think it is a good post which probably covers deeper themes than some of the visitors were expecting. Then there are several more posts on sex and morality in various forms… Actually I am not ashamed to write about sex in a positive way and to argue that society needs to re-examine some of it’s outdated attitudes. Of course writing these things down has also helped me to clarify my own thoughts on these issues; and they are issues I am sure I will return to.

There are several related posts on bisexuality. I was always open about being bisexual but at the time I began this blog that was just a relatively insignificant aspect of what makes me tick. I fully expected to settle down with Andy or meet a new Mr Right and set about making babies. Meanwhile my bisexuality has allowed me to form a relationship with another woman which is very much the best thing that has happened to me ever. Funny how things go…

There are a couple of Award posts in the top ten which is not surprising since those posts by their nature tend to attract a lot of back traffic. I am quite pleased that the award I made up myself was the most popular one.

And finally there is Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. I probably envisioned doing more music posts when I started this blog since music is one of my big passions. Actually there haven’t been many but Little Talks was certainly my favourite song of the past couple of years for many reasons.

But for today I will finish on a different song which seems appropriate…

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