Cassie Being Busy


I feel I have been neglecting this blog recently and I do feel a bit sad about that. I have also been lax in keeping up with the blogs I follow which is frustrating as well. Please rest assured I haven’t forgotten you, I have just been very busy and also lacking in internet access. It is true that I have been able to keep up my Devil’s Advocate blog a bit more regularly. That’s because the things I write about there are more specific and when I have an idea I can write it on my computer and download it to wordpress when I have time. This blog has always been more personal, varied and eclectic though and I feel I have to actually be here at wordpress to write in it.

Hopefully I will be able to catch up soon though.

Meanwhile in a nutshell here is what I have been up to lately. Flew to Munich for a couple of days promotion work. Then went by train to Vienna and then on to a little town in rural Austria to teach English to some lovely kids who didn’t really like English but liked running round a lot! The hotel there had no internet, there was just one cafe in town with internet that worked intermittently. This also meant I was unable to skype my girlfriend as regularly as I would like or keep in touch with the estate agents who are selling my Mum’s house. Today I was back to Vienna to prepare for a seminar I have got to give Monday and Tuesday and then it’s on to another little village to teach kids English. And we have finally got a heatwave! Then I will be on to Switzerland where I will teach for 10 days and catch up with Sophie and make plans for our summer of togetherness. And hopefully have lots of sex. 😉

One response to “Cassie Being Busy

  1. Time, the most precious element! Hope you get some that’s absolutely free!

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