Discrimination Within Discrimination

A very thought provoking piece.

Infernal Deity of a Psychotic Mind

A world awayThis morning, I came across this picture posted by one my friends on Facebook. The picture shows two border petrol guards one Pakistani and the other Chineseholding hands. The description put above it was to explain that in this part of the world is perfectly normal for two men to hold hands, thus show affection without any gay undercurrent. What got me to write this post were the comments below.

Let me go back in time for a bit just to explain to you why am I so upset about all this. In my 35 years on this rock, I’ve had my share of many abuses by many people from childhood on. I live in a society which has never embraced individuality and being different; on the contrary it fights it and tries to destroy anything that is not “normal”. Abiding by the rules of such a…

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2 responses to “Discrimination Within Discrimination

  1. Here in the USA it is even worse for men to hold hands for even give cheek kisses like is common in France or even Arabic countries. If i kiss a good male friend on the lips or cheeks some people’s reactions are homophobic. And god forbid i hug or kiss a woman who is not a good friend because that is considered sexually harassing. We Americans are doomed by the rules of political correctness in public, and it saddens me when i have to look over my shoulder before expressive friendship or even friendliness.

  2. It is normal for African men to hold hands too.

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