The Enjoyment

I’m in Switzerland with Sophie.

I found this poem which sums it up… I will be happy to credit the writer if anybody knows who it is… (I have changed it a bit though).

by Anon

Oh, the raptures of the night!

What fierce convulsions of delight!
How in each other’s arms involved
We lay confounded and dissolved!
Spirits mingling, bodies blending,
Which should be most lost contending,
Darting fierce and flaming kisses,
Plunging into boundless blisses,
Our bodies and our souls on fire,
Tossed by a tempest of desire
Till with utmost fury driven
We scream the pleasures gladly given.


Normal service will be resumed soon! 😉

2 responses to “The Enjoyment

  1. Carol Ann Duffy wrote an amazing poem about one woman going down on another, but I forget its name. So beautiful and sensual. And here I am all single! 😦

  2. Have fun 😀 (although I probably don’t need to tell you that!)

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