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I like writing my blogs. I find it a good way to sort out my thoughts about everyday life and issues I care about. I also find it a good training for writing in general. Then there are the community of other bloggers whose work you read and who read your posts… Getting to know that community has been one of the nicest aspects of blogging to me and has given me many insights and pause for further thought. .However blogging on it’s own can become a little self indulgent. You tend to find an audience which broadly agrees with the views you express. The amount of feedback you receive in relation to the total number of people who view your posts is relatively small in my experience. There is always the danger of starting to believe that your thoughts and beliefs are better thought out than they actually are!

For that reason I have always also enjoyed participating in messageboard forums. The posts you write in such places tend to be much shorter and more spontaneous, and the feedback generally comes much more quickly and can be more brutal. The communities in such venues, even where there is a common interest, tend to be quite diverse. You will find a lot of people who generally agree with your posts or who like your style; but you will also find plenty who will disagree with you and who don’t like your style at all. In between those extremes you will often find very constructive criticism and opinions which genuinely challenge your assumption. I find that refreshing and challenging.

With that in mind here are three spiritually based forums I participate in that some readers might want to check out or even join.

Allpaths is a new forum made up of those of us who used to be regular members of a forum that no longer exists. It has the advantage of familiarity (since most of us have known each other in the past) and yet freshness; since we are all older and (possibly) wiser now and have new perspectives. It is also very much open to new members. While the majority of members are broadly pagan, it is also home to Christians and Satanists and everything in-between including strident atheists and honest agnostics. Debate there could and sometimes will get heated!

Earthsong Forums is a smaller and probably gentler spiritual community I frequent which is also dominated by members of pagan or earth based spiritual philosophies.

Satanism and Satanic Forum is a message-board owned and run by Aleister Nacht on which I am one of the moderators. It is a small but growing community and the title sums up the key focus. You don’t need to be a Satanist to join as long as you come with an open mind.

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