All Summer In A Day

WordPress inform me my blog is four years old. To celebrate I am reblogging a few of my most popular posts and a few personal favourites. This never got a lot of hits but is actually one of my personal favourites.

Cassie & Sophie NSFW

All Summer In A Day is a short story by Ray Bradbury. It is one of my favorite short stories, although it is very sad.  It seemed like an obvious starting point for this post. This year’s summer in Britain has been fleeting and intermittent; a few sunny days here and there with a lot of rain and cloud in between. I guess a lot of people assume British summers are always like this but they are not. This has been a particularly bad year. However today actually was one of those rare bright, hot and sunny days and unlike Margot in the short story; I had the opportunity to appreciate it.

It was already hot and sunny when I got up this morning so I went round to my Mum’s house which is virtually empty while we wait for it to be sold. I was supposed to be working, tidying…

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