I’d Like To Be A Prostitute…

WordPress inform me my blog is four years old. To celebrate I am reblogging a few of my most popular posts and a few personal favourites. This post is my most popular in terms of views; although I suspect some readers were expecting something different than what it actually is.

Cassie & Sophie NSFW

I’d like to be a prostitute, in an ideal world. Why not? I don’t have any personal moral taboos or hang ups about sex; I think it’s great. Sex is wonderful on many levels; it has brought me the most intense physical, mental and even spiritual pleasure. My sexual morals are based on meaningful consent plus honesty and integrity with the person I am sleeping with. So why not get paid for doing what I enjoy? Moreover I think I’d be good at it. I get great satisfaction in giving my partner a good time; I am reasonably experienced and think I am quite good at it. There is very little I wouldn’t be prepared to do or try to please my partner. I could probably get paid much more money for being a prostitute than for doing what I do now. I could choose my own hours and even…

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