WordPress inform me my blog is four years old. To celebrate I am reblogging a e of my most popular posts and a few personal favourites.

Cassie & Sophie NSFW

I wonder what we mean when we talk of innocence; and how does it differ from plain ignorance? Is the following artwork a picture of innocence? Why?

I think ignorance is simply a state of not knowing. We are all ignorant about many things due to lack of knowledge or interest in whatever it is. However most of us have the potential to learn and therefore lose our ignorance about things which are important to us. I think simple ignorance is a neutral thing but in my opinion it becomes a very negative thing when it is willful ignorance. There are few things as frustrating as people who refuse to learn or even just refuse to know something because they can’t be bothered or because it challenges their preconceptions. How often have you engaged in conversations with people whose facts are completely wrong but they refuse to change their stance…

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