Old Age

WordPress inform me my blog is four years old. To celebrate I am reblogging a e of my most popular posts and a few personal favourites. This one still means a lot to me.

Cassie & Sophie NSFW

I am still quite young and healthy. People generally find me quite attractive. I can use and abuse my body in many ways and frequently do. I have energy. I have things to do. I have ambitions. I run around here, there and everywhere. I am bright, intelligent and inquisitive. The world is still my oyster. But what about when it’s not? What when my skin is leathery and wrinkled? What when my lovely tattoos are just dark stains covered in moles? Will people still find me attractive then? What if I have aches and pains every time I move? What if my energy has gone and it hurts too much to get out of my seat often? What if I do achieve some ambitions but run out of energy or lack the physical capacity to do any more? What if my mind becomes as slow as my aging body; or…

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