Swiss Miss

WordPress inform me my blog is four years old. To celebrate I am reblogging a few of my most popular posts and a few personal favourites. I had to include this one… This was how it began with me and Sophie; and I still feel all that love excitement about her even though we are very much an established couple now. She still makes me go weak at the knees!

Cassie & Sophie NSFW

Apologies for not writing for a while but I have been busy… I am now sitting in a bar in Zurich airport with time to kill because my flight has been slightly delayed. Oh wow!  What a week!  Stuff has happened which just wasn’t supposed to, and now I am sitting here all confused with my heart in a flutter… and it wasn’t supposed to be at all like this…

In my little mind it was just a case of waiting for Mr Right to come along. Sure, I’d allow myself an innocent adventure once in a while, but as my biological clock slips into the orange zone it just seemed logical to wait until “he” showed up in my life; the one I would instantly recognise as the potential father of my future children. And whatever my sexual orientation may be, I have always been sure that at some…

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