Storms Pass

I haven’t had much time to write this week and I still don’t. I have been working in Germany. Next week I’m back in Germany and Austria again for six weeks. This week I’m making the final preparations for the sale of my Mum’s house, my family home. If all goes to plan, this will be the last week I ever spend any time there (even if it is only to gut the place) and I shall be handing over the keys before I leave next weekend.

My emotions are all over the place.

And tonight I am sitting alone in the house awaiting the arrival of the worst storm to hit my part of the world for twenty five years; a potential hurricane no less.

The windows are already rattling or else boarded up. The rain sounds like thunder. The wind is seeping through the cracks and making the floors creek more than ever and the chimney is whistling an eerie tune . Well, it is nearly Halloween…

So I will curl up next to the strongest wall and hope for the best.

And the phrase that comes to mind comes from the very end of one of my favourite films, “Serenity” about which I should write more one day.

Storms pass.


ETA 12 Hours later… The St Jude’s storm has indeed passed now and I am safe and well. 🙂

4 responses to “Storms Pass

  1. Glad you survived that storm (was reading about it on the news) and hope the house and trees have no damage especially with it coming to closure. I guess it was your old home’s final farewell groans and whistles. Take care and be blessed.

  2. Hope all goes well with the sale… it’s tough to move on and cut ties. I’m sympathising with the storm bit too, now started in the UK and my lights keep flickering on and off… eep!

  3. Beautiful post Cas.
    Sending love. xox
    P.S Serenity is my hubs fave film too

  4. writingthebody

    I need to watch this again…since then, I have seen the series Firefly. I loved that….but they only made one season. Hurricance force….we call them cyclones here, well, if that is so, all I can is good luck. They are terrifying, and I say that as one who has gone through two of them. I will never forget (from childhood) the shriek of 240 km winds…..never….

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