The Last Two Weeks

The last two weeks I have been a very busy girl at work. Lots of teaching, lots of promoting, lots of problems to sort out with other teachers…  Add to that the sale of my mother’s house was completed and I was doing legal and financial stuff by phone and internet to make sure everything went smoothly.I now have a week off between between contracts to re-charge my batteries and catch up with things. But I don’t have the solace of my mum’s empty house to retreat to and in the place where I actually live everyone seems to be getting ready for Christmas already, and the heating and the electricity aren’t working properly…

I also had a look at my bank statement and found that although I am earning quite well, I have been spending more than I thought and consequently my finances are less healthy than I would like just before the holiday season!

So I’m slightly stressed and frustrated that I can’t do all the things I want and need to do.

I also feel I have neglected this blog and I feel a bit guilty about not having time to read the other blogs I Normally read. I have “liked” some posts in the hope I will get time to come back to them later, but I apologise for not reading or commenting on the blogs I normally frequent.

Hopefully things will calm down and I will get back into a more normal routine soon.

One response to “The Last Two Weeks

  1. I’m glad you have some business done and some time off. Cassie don’t apologize about not writing much on your blog. We all know your heavy schedule and limited access to the internet at times. It is the quality of what you write that I like, not the quantity. And we all get our dry times of writing, which with me with manifest in reblgging others good posts. Relax.

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