In memory of the greatest statesman of our generation.

Dr Niamh On The Plum Tree


Madiba was a fire dragon.
We breathe his air
Are shaped of his thoughts and aspirations
That lick though our minds
And light our hearts with fervent adoration

He taught us to see beyond skin
Into flesh, bone and sinew
Into the beating heart of Africa

He taught us to walk the burning ground with courage,
Even when afraid
To make partners of our enemies
And break chains of slavery
With weapons of love, compassion and understanding
Always demanding freedom’s righteousness

He will never die
He is a shaper of men
A man of history
An ancient of days
A World Saviour

(c) Niamh Clune

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2 responses to “Madiba

  1. He did the almost impossible deed of getting apartheid out of South Africa, at least legally. The struggle after that must have been as brutal as his imprisonment.

  2. Thank you for reblogging, Cassie.

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