Earworm of the year

This song isn’t good (or is it?), but it’s clever, genius even. It was an original idea to have an instrumental hook that is nothing much to do with the rest of the song. A song that has been following me round Europe for half a year now. A hook that I wake up in the middle of the night humming…

I’m an indie girl. I’m supposed to be immune to this kind of thing!

It has certainly been the pop hit of the year getting to number one all over the world. Aviicii is another musically talented Swede and I can’t begrudge his success especially as he has invested a lot of his earnings in charitable work to help the hungry.

And the video is kind of cute and meaningful.

4 responses to “Earworm of the year

  1. I like it and can see how the song sticks in one’s mind. What do You think the two triangles mean? To me they mean being able to go both ways, even simultaneously. When horizontal they remind me of the forward and backward buttons on a video/DVD, the power of the choice of will.

    • Actually I think the video is probably deeper than the song. I think the symbol is just a random symbol for anybody who is outside the mainstream. The more conservative people in the video fear and dislike the outsiders whom, it turns out are quite harmless and just want to enjoy life in their own way. I think they represent any minority group or social outsiders… On a positive note the video seems to present the outsiders as the present or the future while the more conservative people are stuck in the past. That’s optimistic! Needless to say I can identify with the symbol people in all sorts of ways!

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