Random Thoughts

I had a great Christmas and New Year in Switzerland. We did some flat hunting and may have found a perspective place for the three of us to live… Watch this space. I also did some skiing. I guess I am not bad for somebody who wasn’t born on skis but Sophie and Tina were always way ahead waiting for me to catch up!

Now I’m back in the UK sorting various things out before I go away again for work. This will be a 12 week stint so there is lot’s to prepare and I have to pack carefully…

There are lots of things on my mind that I could write about but I don’t really have time to concentrate. Maybe some of the following things will warrant longer posts at some point but for now these are just some random thoughts while I pack and prepare lessons…

I am a bit ashamed of my country. We are getting so xenophobic or maybe we always were… The newspapers and TV are full of scare stories about Bulgarians and Romanians coming to steal our jobs and our benefits. Well they can’t do both can they? And those who work will be paying tax to our government and buying things in our shops.. To look at the newspapers you’d think East Europeans were genetically disposed to being thieves. No wonder their governments are complaining about the press coverage they are getting here!

I understand that immigration has got out of hand and is really uncontrolled to a large degree; but the foreigners aren’t the problem; our laws are.

And that means UKIP will do well and we will probably leave the EU within a year or two which will be a disaster for me and for the country.

And I can’t help thinking that even if there were no problems with immigration, the EU and foreigners in general would still be unpopular… We have a sad Little Islander” mentality. Beneath the polite and friendly exterior some Brits just think they are superior to everyone else.

The latest sign of climate change is wet and windy stormy weather which has lead to extensive flooding in all parts of the country. People have lost homes and businesses and in America they are being blasted by Arctic conditions but there will still be those saying hat climate change isn’t happening at all.

I cut my thumb quite badly the other day. It bled a lot and is still sore. I was amazed how much a small cut could bleed. My blood is so rich and runny, it is so clever how such a liquid thing can turn sticky and scab, and heal. Human bodies are miracles!

My Mum seemed happy and content in herself yesterday when I visited her although it is hard to tell now. She was tying to read something in a magazine; she seems a bit hypnotised by any text she sees these days but unfortunately she has lost the ability to read.

Did you know that nobody really knows how anaesthetics work? Nobody really knows what consciousness is either or how or why certain chemicals seem to turn it off. I have been reading a book called “Nothing” a collection of essays first published in the New Scientist. It looks at all aspects of nothing from the absence of consciousness to what there was before the Big Bang. Who would have thought that Nothing could be so interesting, but it is! I don’t pretend to understand everything in the book, but I do like boggling my mind occasionally. Link

I have also been watching the BBC’s live astronomy series Stargazing Live. Apparently the sun had a mass ejaculation the other day, spewing tons of particles in our direction. It may interfere with satellites and electricity supplies and could cause spectacular aurora. I went out this morning so that all that sun stuff could spray all over my face. But it was raining. Astronomy is sexy. I’ll leave the innuendo there.

Enough random thoughts for today. šŸ˜‰

2 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. Cassie – I’m glad the three of you found a good place to live and you had a nice holiday.
    Well UK news is just catching up with US news where the “immigrants” legal and illegal are blamed for a lot, forgetting of of course that We all immigrated from Europe and the UK etc and wiped out the native population with diseases and guns yet still using immigrants to do the hard labor we are too good to do ourselves. I hope the UK stays in the EU but am sure rich countries like yours and Germany are tired of funding failing economies. It is a real mess and gonna take awhile to crawl out of the big recession.
    I am going to be posting today a video on the writer Terry Pratchett who has Altimeters of a particularly agresive nature and his thoughts on assisted suicide available only in Switzerland. It is heart wrenching.
    Yes heads and fingers bleed a lot d/t the large amount of capillaries in them, and scabs are nature’s best band aid composed of white blood cells and clotting agents.
    Thanks for the links. I Love astronomy and when i was a youth my parents bought me a telescope and the first time i looked at Saturn and its rings i truly had a cosmic religious experience of how huge it all is and how small we all are, and yet we have the minds to try to understand it all. Amazing.
    Blessings on your upcoming schedule and such this new year 2014! Lee

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