Me in Memes

I don’t like or use facebook very much. Mostly I just share memes, legends and photos I like. Maybe however what I share says as much about me as what I write. Here are a few examples from the last few months.


1546393_10151890287490197_1090045628_n 312227_196884973794428_1449536734_n 421224_469896989753304_1942447076_n 540301_564802096910273_313370527_n 941968_556521454389347_511069742_n 984209_384810964968933_1851479303_n 992898_400742463375783_1230542082_n 1004061_400738340042862_140295121_n 1016681_616063101748038_1718161599_n


1380582_504394086324540_279147558_n 1381440_10151856778039471_1575066149_n 1392506_564528450267623_1920785689_n 1460202_377647899038329_1946279554_n 1461224_10151975294864471_1455167240_n 1499575_10151973671254471_689261957_n 1522306_586248274788258_2024934175_n 1524943_671661856188091_581569796_n


All the above images were circulated widely on facebook. I have no idea of the original accreditations but will be happy to give credit if the originators come forward or are pointed out.

8 responses to “Me in Memes

  1. I believe your pics are a good representation. Since I started followed your blog, you have consistently represented an intelligent, spirited and truthful person. I know Satanists are not supposed to have thoughts, feelings or intelligence (so say the xtians) however, you are the epitome of style and a truly creative wordsmith………..”even when you say nothing at all” as illustrated with this post. Bravo!

  2. Love them all!!! Most of them I’ve shared on my personal page at one time or another! ❤

  3. Reblogged this on Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge and commented:
    OMG I love these, especially the one about the Unicorn. Enjoy a good laugh and some profound thoughts reduced to Memes!

  4. These were brilliant – and oh, so true! Might have to reblog this myself 🙂

  5. Oh my I Love them, such wisdom is such short words. I love the one of the lady falling off the unicorn, LOL. I will have to reblog this one so thanks. BB

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