Conflicting Technology and Identities

You may have noticed I have been a bit quiet recently on both my blogs. The reason is that before  I set out on my travels this time, I replaced my laptop with an I Pad mini, mostly in order to save space and reduce the amount I have to pack and carry around and partly because I always thought they looked kind of cool

While I like my I pad in many ways; I have to admit I am struggling a bit. Firstly I find the much smaller touch screen keyboard a bit of a pain. I know I could invest in an external keyboard but I am trying to force myself to learn to type on this… Again in order not to have so much to carry around. I think at the end of my trip I might give up on that!

Secondly being fully synced with I Cloud and I tunes sounds great in principle but doesn’t seem to suit the way I behave on the net. For years I have been using various pseudonyms  with associated passwords on the various message boards, chat-rooms, and other sites I use around the net. I did this to protect my ID (especially because I don’t want all my under-age students to know what I get up to out of school and it also keeps a distance between me and potential stalkers).

However it seems that Apple in particular and other giants of the Internet are not keen on people using different names and passwords at various sites around the web. I don’t think this is really for anybody’s protection but more because they want to direct advertising at you. As a result this new “intuitive” device won’t let me sign into a lot of the sites I often frequent which is a bit frustrating to say the least! So far WordPress seems to work…

Listen, surely I can’t be the only one who tries to separate aspects of my life and beliefs when I am on line? In my two blogs here I am very open about who and what I am; instinct and experience have told me that what I write here will not easily be found by the wrong people. But hey I am a teacher who works with young people in a world where not everyone is open minded… I am also a sexually active and open bisexual, a witch and, oh yes, a Satanist… There is no way I want any of my young students or even some of my less young colleagues to know or track EVERYTHING I think, do and believe as an adult. Hence I don’t feel any guilt about using different names on Facebook and various other interactive sites. I’m sure I’m not alone in this and maybe this is something those who design the architecture of the Internet should consider more fully.

While that is causing me some annoying problems and there are other frustrations of adapting to a new operating system, I am trying to give my new device the benefit of the doubt. The computing power I now have in the size of a paperback book is amazing and apparently would be the envy of all the pioneering astronauts who went to the moon and back with far less computer technology. Having access to all my music and photos in such a tiny machine is great too. There are some innovative apps to explore as well.

So hopefully once I am more familiar with the ways things work I will be back to posting here and on Devils Advocate more regularly again. And I think (I hope) I have found some ways to get round my other technology problems too, so I should be back at most of my regular haunts on the net.

That is, if work and life don’t get in the way! I am commuting between Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the next few weeks…

4 responses to “Conflicting Technology and Identities

  1. It is wrong that the authorities are attempting to force their control upon you via your technology. Can you move onto an open source alternative?

  2. Yea i cannot type on those small pads either. Probably a fold out thin small laptop might have been better as it does have a keyboard. Regarding different IDs i use separate emails at separate servers, but once you have a Gravitar then that appears in any Google ap though one has to list one’s various blogs and FB and website there. I know the cloud is easy but never save anything there. I save them to the pc and then to large USB drives. I also never let my pc say i can use one password to access all my passwords. They are actually saved to a USB drive and even more low tech on a piece of paper (remember paper? lol) well hidden in the house and updated once a month. Also Firefox as a browser is more private than IE. And take your picture off your Gravitar visible on this page and replace it with something benign like a Unicorn Avatar, LOL. Oh, and if you are in England you know the new law blocking you from certain “dangerous” websites that might contain erotic images or “bad religions” to “protect our children”, like in China but with more pc right winged protect our citizens by restricting their freedoms. I have seen somewhere how to get around those blocking server programs which you can research. If i think about who is watching me right now it would include Microsoft Windows, my IP server, My antivirus program, WP, and of course the NSA.

  3. I just got my first ipad last month… It’s addictive. I’m not sure how good it is that we can access the internet at any time, while our attention could possibly be more focused on something else.

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