Still Here…


My posting here has been very irregular of late. This is because I have been working and playing hard and traveling a lot. This week I am together with Sophie in Switzerland and we are decorating our new flat. Sometime soon I will write something about this new phase of coupledom and domestic adventure!

I also want to apologise to the bloggers I normally follow for not “liking” or commenting on their posts much lately. This is partly due to the same busyness and also because of a technical glitch on my IPad or perhaps WordPress which seems to make these functions difficult at the moment.

I’ll be back!


3 responses to “Still Here…

  1. I am exactly at the same place Cas, sitting here catching up from over a hundred blog posts of the last three weeks because Life has been very Busy. Its good to get off my ass in front of this pc and get mud all over the house, but now half way thru them i have to sweep and mop for sure! Well i guess i am sweeping and mopping the house And the blog posts. LOL

  2. Hope you have fun with that flat! Decorating is lots of fun, but lots of hard work, too!

  3. Breaks from the internet are useful to recharge creative energies.

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