Photos from the Local Wanderings of an Amateur Photographer Witch

Blau Stern Schwaz Schlonge is one of our favourite examples of how beautiful and exciting life can be when you are able stay grounded and yet embrace magic and what some would call the dark arts. Here in one of many eclectic series of photos we find a great tattoo, some jewels of nature, a goddess, a possible witch and a possible miracle, all within reach of home… Whatever your spiritual or philosophical beliefs, there is awe and wonder here.

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

I take my smart LG phone with a nice up to 5mb camera everywhere and snap pictures constantly. Maybe half are worthy of manipulating using Paint.Net freeware. Enjoy the pics, and please remember all are Copyright GLHoke 2014 except the one tat i took on a guys arm whose source i found but not the particular artist, so my apologies to him. A perusal of that site listed below may reveal that. And some photos of me are taken by friends. Blessed Sunday post Full Super Moon!

8 July (2)

I saw this gorgeous Mermaid tattoo on a heavily tattooed guy who is from North or South Carolina but he got it at Independent Tattoo in Oregon and he graciously let me photograph it. Funny thing there were two heavily tattooed guys, him and me, standing in the high end jewelry store in our little downtown and i bet the skilled workers there…

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4 responses to “Photos from the Local Wanderings of an Amateur Photographer Witch

  1. I just read yr comment which i missed yesterday. Yes, life is light and dark. A dead turtle hit on the road, which could have probably been swerved around by an alert driver (i slow down during the season) can be a piece of rotting meat, or honoured by the bones and the absolute evolutionary miracle of evolution (no god involved) that the eggs could survive and hatch. And the placement and arrangement of the bones can be used in the dark arts against the “king of the mountain” who won’t grant me right of way to drive in. Let’s just say “he been fixed by da Hoodoo Man” (no slur meant by the accent) and if you want more details of those workings email me as i won’t publish them.

  2. Hey Ladies of the Left (L,O.F.T) i am happy to reblogged here and did not realize you two Finally have a joint blog that is NSFW. I have it bookmarked and will explore it fully later. I will have to email u directly to tell u some things i am doing that are NSFB (blog or comments thereon, or i can message u on FB, but prefer good old fashion email for some things so FB is not mining what are supposed to be private messages for data for advertising). BB 93 AS

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