One of the bonds that Sophie and I share is that we have very similar tastes in what we think is sexy. Also while being together we have come to appreciate the things that turn each other on but which may not have held so much fascination for us before.

We have a Tumblr site where we find and share photos and images that we think are interesting and sexy. Tumblr seems to be a bit more permissive than WordPress so we are able to share images that are a bit naughtier than tend to be allowed here… But as an exercise we decided to choose a few of the tamer images we have posted there and write about why we think they are sexy. And maybe in so doing we will find and/or reveal a few things about ourselves that we haven’t shared before.

The first is one of mine. I have a bit of a fetish for hands and fingers.


I like men with large, strong and slightly rough hands; hands that can do work but which can be softer and more gentle when needed. But I have always found women’s hands and fingers even more sexy. I like women’s fingers to be long and elegant. As with many other aspects of style and life I like women’s hands and fingers to look sweet and innocent but then corrupted and knowing as well. And I’ll admit I can even get turned on by my own hands when I can decorate them a bit. I always wear a few chunky silver rings and when I am not working I get a bit excessive and choose rings with magical or traditional symbols on them. I usually keep my nails long and like painting them; nearly always black or dark reds and purples. I never used to pay money to manicure my my nails or get nail extensions but Sophie has converted me to that! We both like to scratch and tickle with finger-nails during sex. In terms of pure looks, hands and fingers are one of the first things I notice in other people.


Sophie speaking… I chose the above photo because it shows three things that Cassie and I find sexy. Firstly, women, especially pretty ones. Cassie and I are both bisexual but while it was not always the case, I think we are both more lesbian now in our tastes. I am certainly much more often turned on by other women than I am with men. I like painting women, I like photographing women and I find Cassie more sexy than any man I have ever slept with. Then we both like tattoos. We like them on ourselves and we find good, artistic tattoos very sexy on both men and women. By this stage we are both quite heavily inked. When we we were younger we were quite careful to have smaller discrete tats that could be easily hidden. These days we are a bit less discrete and we have plans… Cassie jokes that when we are a bit older we are going to be really  scary, ink stained, wrinkled old crones. Perversely I find that idea quite sexy in itself! And of course we both smoke and think that smoking can look sexy  (even if you are not supposed to say things like that these days).

Well, now to get a bit more NSFW…

We both like lingere and the various ways of putting it on and taking it off…


Lace and leather, black and red…


Cassie again… As a child I don’t think I liked olives. Now they are one of my favourite nibbles… Some tastes evolve. What was once unpleasantly sour and salty becomes a delight to the taste buds. Spirits that once seemed harsh and burned the throat become like treacle when you learn how to appreciate them… And it is the same with sex. Once the basics have been learned there are an infinite number of subtleties and variations to explore. The once forbidden areas, the boundaries and hinterland between pleasure and pain become a playground and a school… We like to explore. We are not limited by outdated morals and prohibitions. The only limits are our imaginations…

image image image image image

But while we enjoy various elements of BDSM, sometimes it is simple depictions of beauty, love and tenderness that are the most erotic to look at and indulge in…

image image image



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  1. Reblogged this on Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge and commented:
    NSFW etc all that politically incorrect BS…..

  2. gods (and devils) girls, just woke up after 2 hours sleep to this post, wow. believe it or not the pic of C’s hands/nails/rings i like the best. amethyst is my stone. silver my metal. i have that same cat ring which i gave to my present lover priestess in the coc aka cat ring. yr tastes are EXACTLY like mine as u can tell by my much behind tumblr page. i will not write more here but send u an email. Interestingly yesterday i loaded a folder for C/S of images to email u that r similar which i have not had a minute to tumble. taking down coc fb page because i cant post on there or even on bsss page what i want because i am constrained by being the grand poobah of the coc. u know, the coc, founded by a genius who had a leg nylon fetish, whose every present member has some bdsm fetish myself included, but i cant really be “me” there because i have to be “respectable” there. smoking, so sexy – i used to smoke captain black sweets but too expensive, now roll my own on a 50 year old easy to roll roller that i got from dutch jeff my pa dutch powwow teacher who taught me how to be a “burner” which is very rare and he broke the male to female and visa versa rule in doing so. also smoking, and try these if available where u live – middletons black and mild wood tipped wine flavoured cigars, captain black sweet cigars and garcia vega game black, all cheaper that smaller cigar/ettes. btw the coc page will be replaced by My FB page which will probably be zaxon2108211 my original name back in the day, the bsss blog will get more nsfw, the coc page will get a little nsfw, and my tumblr page i have let loose all constrains. want to know me? go there. ty for this brave post. ave satanis. ave exu and pomba gira. ave devil girls. btw getting tats number (cant count them all) the benign and succubus versions of some naginis that i drew myself decades ago onto my upper legs, not much space left. let me know if u2 ever cross the pond as i have 3 houses u can crash n burn in. recommendations – casillero del diablo malbec wine, the cigs above, the green fairy who is very dangerous, and other things i will email. XO n crops n ropes n collars n selfies to u both. gotta go and take down fb coc w last post on the manniken gallatea old and new on the coc blog then to fb then shutting that down as i see people in the US r awake n have seen the final video there. then back to the real world w lots of malkuth projects half completed. u2 da bomb as we said “back in da day” here…..

    • Cassie & Sophie

      Glad we brightened your morning! Wine flavoured cigars? That sounds too good to miss so Sophie is on her computer ordering some as I write… We are looking forward to the changes in your various blogs and fb page. Have not checked tumblr or hotmail yet but will do so soon. We don’t have any plans to visit the US at the moment; money is a bit tight living in one of the worlds most expensive cities in a new flat and making fairly frequent trips to the UK… However, in a year or two it may become possible and we’d happily take you up on your offer to crash and chill for a few days! Anyway, have a nice weekend, take care and speak soon. Cassie

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