Does Size Matter? Style ‘V’ Substance

A reblog from one of our other blogs. I know, we’re shameless. Actually we are on holiday for a couple of weeks and time for blogging may be short so we intend to do a few reblogs during that time.

Smoker's Writes


“I like mine long and dark, harsh but smooth between my lips”

“I prefer something that tastes good in my mouth.”

“Smaller ones are better, it’s what’s inside that counts.”

“It’s all about the feeling at the back of my throat when I suck it deep inside me”.

We are talking about cigarettes and cigars of course, what were you thinking?

Each brand of cigarettes and even more so with cigars have their own unique taste and flavour. So you smoke the ones which taste the best to you, don’t you? Or are there other factors? Does the look; the size the width and the design of the cigar or cigarette affect what you choose to smoke? Is style a factor and if so does it count as much as substance; the tobacco itself?

Sophie and I will admit to being rather vain about our appearance and sometimes judgemental about…

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