In Harmony ♪ She Rolls

The best poetry can be read, understood and felt by different minds and souls in different ways. Amy’s photography is great too.

Uncle Tree's House

Amy Rose 3

Spirit forms in the mist
tumbling and rolling and splashing
in fashion

Amy Rose 4

gushing while blushing
rushing madly over the rough spots
waywardly maneuvering Her force-filled will

Amy rose 2

chasing mirrored reflections
passed present and future moments
cascading drops of life ~ flow as one wetness

Amy Rose

touching all — despising none
perfectly tranquil in Her going forth
She smooths the world with blissfulness

Amy's Rose

~ soothing all who eye Her beauty ~

(gracing hearts too soft to see)

amyrose 2

Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

A special “Thanks!” to Amy for sharing her photography!

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One response to “In Harmony ♪ She Rolls

  1. This is a truly fine compliment. 🙂 Thank you much, Cassie and Sophie!

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