Lesbians seeking men?





Things have been rather quiet and tame here for a while so I thought we should spice things up and do a definitely NSFW post!

A little context before the naughty bits. As those of you who follow this blog may know, Sophie and I did some paperwork and signed some forms recently confirming our status as a legally registered couple. We are as married as we ever want to be, and more importantly in our hearts and minds we are committed to living together and growing old together as a couple for as long as we are able to imagine. We have also made spiritual commitments to that effect and furthermore I am now legally registered as Tina’s guardian meaning that if anything should happen to Sophie I will continue to raise Tina as my daughter. So we are not just a lesbian couple; we are a complete family and we all love each other very much indeed.

Inwardly it is fair to say that both Sophie and myself have changed sexually and psychologically since knowing each other. We both used to describe ourselves as bisexual, indeed I was fairly strident about that. I felt that bisexuality was not understood very well or taken seriously by either the gay or the straight community. I still think that. However if anybody asked me today what my sexuality was I would answer without hesitation that I am a lesbian. Sophie would say the same. If one of us died the other could never contemplate having a long term sexual relationship with a man. We are lesbians. I never really thought I would say that of myself but it is true.

But that doesn’t mean we have lost all of our bisexual leanings. There are times when we fantasise about having sex with men. In the early stages of our relationship we were very open and both of us had occasional one night stands with men. That hasn’t happened for nearly two years now. Frankly those adventures didn’t impress us much and we realised we much preferred having sex with each other. We also began to be less and less sexually attracted to men and more and more attracted to women. That process disturbed us a bit at first but now we just accept that this is how we have grown and what we have become. And we have never been happier or more sexually charged. I can come just by thinking of the things Sophie and I do together and sometimes when we fuck I am pretty sure our lovemaking really does cause earth tremors!

But men are not completely out of the picture… There are things we miss about men and things that could still potentially turn us on. To do a bit of chauvinist role reversal, it’s their bits we miss, not so much the rest of them! We both certainly miss the taste and smell of semen. And sometimes when browsing our ever growing library of porn we find an image of a cock we that makes us wet ourselves…

So, we got to thinking… What about inviting somebody for a threesome? No commitment, no involvement; just find somebody who was up for a night of fairly mindless but full on sex with a couple of willing and horny lesbians. After all, it is the stuff that porno films are made of; what could go wrong?  We have both had impromptu threesomes once or twice in the past before we knew each other, but we have never planned such a thing in advance. This could be an adventure…

We were very sure about the kind of man we were looking for, perhaps that was our biggest mistake. We were looking for a beautiful body attached to a personality we would normally go out of our way to avoid. We wanted a man who was cock sure of himself and who could do the business in the bedroom but whom we would never want to see again… We were victims of our own success!

Neither of us have ever claimed to be well behaved ladies in all respects. We are open about liking sex and we both know how to turn it on when we want to. It was however the first time we had gone out on the pull together with such a specific aim in mind. That was actually a lot of fun.  We waited for a weekend when our daughter was away with her father and then put our plan onto action. We went cruising in a couple of well known pick up bars and it didn’t take long to attract exactly the kind of guy we thought we were looking for. He was very good looking and he knew it, he was arrogant as hell and expected all women to kneel down and beg for his body. We played along. He was boastful about all the women he had had and what he had done with them. We pretended to be impressed. He clearly thought that all women were basically whores and I’ll be the first to admit that our actions that night did nothing to change his opinion. We all got a bit drunk and we took him home.

(Before the story continues a disclaimer and a warning. Sophie and myself are grown up, sexually experienced women in our late thirties. I have had a lot of sex with a lot of people usually but not always within the context of a relationship. Even so I usually preach and practice safe sex especially with people you don’t know well… In the account that follows we clearly did not practice safe sex. This was a calculated risk that was acceptable to us in this situation but which we absolutely do not recommend to others.)

So we took our man home, drank some more and got undressed. When we pulled his pants down the cock that sprang to life was exactly what we were looking for, large, meaty and sweet to taste and smell. It certainly revived our  instincts and memories of hot heterosexual sex and we went to work right away. We took turns going down on him, licking and sucking with years of expertise before allowing him to fuck us in various ways, places and combinations. For him I think it was a dream come true (although he probably tells his mates that this sort of thing happens to him every day). He didn’t deserve his luck. He really didn’t.

Yes he had a large penis and it was beautiful to behold, and even to play with. Unfortunately it was attached to an idiot. His entire vocabulary was a mixture of groans, “yeah baby” and expletives that seemed to come from the very worst seventies porn movie, made in Sweden and dubbed into English by somebody from Bulgaria. I have been known to murmur , moan or scream words and phrases including “fuck me” in various tones while having sex, but to have somebody repeat the phrase, “I’m fucking you baby” (in case I wasn’t aware of the fact maybe?) in a monotone like a demented robot no matter what he was doing, I was doing or Sophie was doing; became a little distracting to say the least… And frankly Sophie and I have vibrators with more sensitivity and variety of movement than this dick came equipped with. He did have stamina though. We couldn’t fault him for that. No vary speed, but a long battery.

Okay. I enjoyed the first five minutes. We both did. And we got what we were looking for; a penis attached to somebody we didn’t want to be with. It’s just that the not wanting to be with him got intense very quickly. We played along for quite a while to be polite (after all we had invited him round).

The only thing that did turn me on was seeing Sophie being fucked by a man at close quarters. I had never seen or experienced my love having sex with a man before and there was something strangely erotic about that. She had the same feeling watching me. We realised this as things were happening but the problem was he was still there… We were getting horny for each other but he was just in the way…

So we told him to stop. He was annoyed and slightly aggressive. In order to stop things getting nasty we told him that he had worn us out. He kind of accepted that. But then wanted to stick around thinking we might recover and be ready for more after a rest. I began to have nightmares that he would never leave or at least want to stick around until breakfast. And I began to get very uncomfortable with the fact that he might remember where we lived if he saw it in daylight (we had come home by taxi in a drunken state). Our solution was to get him even more drunk and very stoned. By the time we pushed him into a taxi we were pretty sure he no longer knew what planet he was on and would have very little memory of anything that had happened.

It wasn’t our finest moment, but it was an important one.

For myself I admit that there was a certain amount of relief that I can still respond sexually to men if I want to. But there was also a deep realisation that I don’t really want or need to. Sophie felt the same way. I don’t think either of us felt very proud of our adventure that night and I suppose it is true that we deliberately picked a guy who was not typical of the kind of men we have had genuine feelings for in the past. But when he had gone we were relived. And despite having drunk and smoked as much as he had, if not more, we were clear headed and relaxed and we had long and blissful sex.

Don’t get me wrong. We don’t dislike men at all. Previously most of our sexual experience has been with men and those were some great times. And we still find men and their willies sexy sometimes. The above adventure was a bit of a mistake but quite amusing to look back on. It did however underline where we are at now emotionally and sexually.

I doubt that we will ever deliberately go out looking for a threesome with a guy again. Hmm, I don’t think either of us have ever had an all female threesome though…







2 responses to “Lesbians seeking men?

  1. You two ought to write a book about these things. This was steamy, funny and smart all at the same time. Seriously, if they can make a bazillion bucks off of “Fifty Shades of Gray,” you guys ought to be able to make a killing off of this stuff. I like it much better.

  2. What a story you little pair of Succubii. I probably told you a quote from a lesbian who was buying a big dildo at a porn store and another lesbian said “why do you want to buy That?” and she said “well i have nothing against Cocks, just what they are attached to” LOL. I love the quote above – “Unfortunately it was attached to an idiot. His entire vocabulary was a mixture of groans, “yeah baby” and expletives that seemed to come from the very worst seventies porn movie, made in Sweden and dubbed into English by somebody from Bulgaria.” BTW what is the source of those Beautiful paintings at the beginning of this post??? I think i will continue this conversation in an email to you…..

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