#MasturbationMonday – #Latex Torture

We have been following Christina for a while. We enjoy her style of naughtiness and kink, and we wish her good fortune in her writing career.

Christina Mandara

Masturbation Monday

It’s that time of week where we shout the word ‘Masturbation’ from the rooftops  and post some of the naughtiest snippets we can find. With that in mind, I’ve found something a little naughty for you… I know, I know. Me, naughty? Whoever would have thought…!


Latex Torment

The latex rippled across her body. It devoured inch by slow inch of pale, smooth flesh into its hungry jaws until there was only a sea of black rubber to seen. The material felt tight and suffocating but Jenny was so exhausted by the day’s activities that she didn’t have an ounce of fight left in her to halt its progress. As her limbs were worked this way and that to accommodate the slick fabric, her head reeled. Where was her escape ticket? Had she really been abandoned to this life of sexual servitude? It was certainly starting to feel like it…

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One response to “#MasturbationMonday – #Latex Torture

  1. Oh look at all those juicy links on her Avatar and website, bookmark bookmark bookmark for my own MM later 😉 TY ladies.

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