Season of the Spiders

Cassie and I both used to have some fear of spiders. These days we quite like them and our daughter has a pet spider that scares the pants off unwanted guests! We feel that overcoming fears is in itself a gateway to personal and spiritual growth. It also opens gateways to knowledge and understanding. And of course we are part of nature and nature is a great teacher…This is an evocative seasonal article that is well worth reading.

The Blog of Baphomet

Autumn comes to the valley in which I live. The warm sunshine is still (Sunna be praised!) with us, but the pivot point of the September equinox has passed. Mist shrouds the trees in the morning  the leaves of the willows fill up with yellow and fall down upon the moist green earth.

This is the season of the spiders, when these miraculous beasts spin their webs between the fast dying stems of grasses. In common with many humans I deeply admire the tenacity and technical skill of spiders. I watched one recently in a still-scented honeysuckle bush, dealing with a yellowed leaf that had become entangled in its web. She (I usually think of spiders as ‘she’, because reasons) carefully made fast some gossamer lines. She ran new strands from her spinnerets and carefully cut other silks. The leaf went swinging out from the face of the web, dangling, quite…

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  1. I commented on his blog post, reblogged it and am going to start following him too so TY again ladies. BTW Finally getting caught up with others posts, many project around the property before it gets too cold.

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