Somewhere in Everglades

We just like this.

Places Unknown

The last two weekends we were power washing outside walls of our house. So much work, get really wet and I’m whooped by the end of each day. Most of it is done. But now we’ll need to do some painting. Lots of it. The joys of owning a house.

This was taken on one of the side roads from the Miami to the Marco Island. We tried to find some drives through the everglades away from the main highways. Didn’t see much of the wildlife, some birds here and there, mostly empty water pools of still water with perfect reflections.

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One response to “Somewhere in Everglades

  1. I have a friend who lives on the testicle of FLA and even though he does not have the Everglades there they still have lots of alligators so children can’t really play near certain bodies of water, nor pets, and take a big flashlight if you are walking near the water at night or Chomp. lol. I’m take my bears and cougars over alligators anyday…

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