The Making Of Sir Willow

We just love Uncle Tree!

Uncle Tree's House

Bruce Marlin

♪ ♫ ♪

Stealing a glance under my branch,
I spied a green-eyed lady,
as if, by Chance, or Fate’s romance,
she found me cool and shady.

I heard her sigh for times gone by,
her breath grew slow and steady.
I knew not why, but in her cry,
old tears stood at the ready.

Releasing all, the rain did fall
on ruddy roots and timber.
Like thunder calls that break down walls;
like leaves turn in September.

Like storms pass on, She turned to song,
my rigid frame grew limber.
Like grass loves sun, Love made us one:
A Day Made To Remember.

Bruce Marlin

— Uncle Tree

Photograph by Bruce Marlin @ Wikimedia

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One response to “The Making Of Sir Willow

  1. Thank you, ladies! 🙂

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