Food, Drink And Sex


I have always thought there were some big similarities between food, drink and sex and the way those subjects are discussed and written about. There are of course some big differences too. I will discuss all of those things in this post. Regular readers will know that Sophie and I have decided to be open about sex in this blog and perhaps push the boarders a bit, you will also know that Sophie has already “taken the plunge” and that I am lagging behind a bit. That will be rectified in this post and those that are interested may discover some things that could intrigue, titilate, surprise or even disgust them in relation to my own sexual experiences. So be it. However in writing about the parallels between drinking, eating and sex I hope also to explain more clearly why Sophie and I feel it is a positive thing to write revealing and adult rated things about sex in this blog.

Virtually all adult human beings eat, drink and fuck. These activities are a normal and healthy part of life. All of these things can be pleasurable and all can be harmful in various ways and situations. They can be done for simple biological imperative and they can also be indulged in for fun and for pure pleasure. There are religious, social and cultural customs and taboos attached to all of them but in the western world it seems that sex is the most taboo and least openly discussed of these three things. And if sex is described or discussed in as much detail as a recipe for the most mouth watering lasagne, or the subtle charms of a fruity Bordeaux, it will most likely be described as pornography.

There are thousands of books and blogs about food and drink, wining and dining… Every aspect of food from growing it to eating it is covered in great detail. Writers are allowed to go into raptures about particular recipes, specialities, restaurants and cooks. They are allowed to openly salivate about the merits of certain produce, the qualities and complexities of mushrooms, the tenderness of beef, the aroma of cheeses or the best way to enjoy oysters. They can enthuse about the wines and beers of a region. They can celebrate the differences,both bold and subtle, between different vintages. And they can extol the virtues and the fun of drinking various alcoholic beverages around the world. Much of this writing is considered learned, classy and cultural. But if we go into the same amount of detail about sex, how will that be considered?

Well Sophie and I consider sex to be normal, healthy, human, beautiful, inspirational and fun; and we intend to write about it in that way and to cover all those aspects of it. We want to write about it and our experiences of it in the way that other people write about food and drink. We want to cover as many ingredients as possible and describe in detail some of our favourite recipes. We may get excited over some things which are an acquired taste but also share our fondness for things that most people enjoy. We may confess the things we find intoxicating. We may discuss some rare vintages or some exotic cocktails we have enjoyed…

So here are a few tasters from the menu of my personal pleasures…

I often like to pleasure myself with my fingers before the main course. I guess this grew out of masturbation but it has developed into something I like to share with my partner. The basics are my own fingers and my own clit and the interplay of sensations between the two. Dildos or vibrators can also be used but generally during this stage of foreplay I really enjoy the sensation of my own flesh on my own flesh. Maybe it is the sense of control, maybe it is the pleasure feedback loop (I swear at times my fingertips themselves are close to orgasm). When the lips of my clit are radiating waves of pleasure I begin to probe myself deeper. By this time my fingers feel as if they are giving off sparks and sometimes my whole hand ends up inside me. If all this sounds a bit solitary, the real thrill is having my partner there watching me loose control. If they can gently but firmly massage my breasts or my bum while I am doing this or kiss and lick me in the places my long term partners know about, the overall sensation is quite exquisite.

Main Course
I guess 69 would be regarded as a traditional main course. Well tradition can be fine and there are plenty of variations on the basic dish. I call the two main varieties “sweet” when it involves a man and “savoury” when it is with a woman. My current preference is for the savoury variety.

These days I find that once sexual activity is underway there is nothing more raw and satisfying than going down on my partner and licking her out. It is the ultimate intimacy between two women; during which I am almost overpowered by the taste and smell of my lover up close. And there is a kind of telepathic connection that is established while she is doing and experiencing the same between my legs. I have enjoyed the sweet version of 69 many times and I think I am still bisexual enough to enjoy the taste and feeling of a gushing cock in my mouth. But for me the savoury variety is so much more intense. One of the reasons is that women seem to be so much more proficient at using their tongues.(Seriously men, don’t you ever practice?) I pride myself on my ability to reach deep with my tongue to places I know excite my partner,all the time savouring her taste and smell. Of course simultaneously she is doing the same thing to me. Our huhnger for each other intensifies until we uncontrollably gorge on the juices that are released.

Something light and sweet. Delicate butterfly kisses… Lips, eyelashes, earlobes, nipples and then perhaps rest… Or maybe a french kiss; although that often leads to another main course…

One response to “Food, Drink And Sex

  1. Delicious. I got addicted to the smooth yoni and was taught a little more than before my “table manners” when “eating” by a gf who was 95% lez but who still occasionally enjoyed the long schlonge lol, just like you two….. Blessings and bon appetite!

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