From Cardinal Cañizares to Donald Trump to Brexit: The Objective of Othering.

A very good article. We will publish part two here as well.

Just Merveilleux?

“Social identities are relational; groups typically define themselves in relation to others. This is because identity has little meaning without the “other”. So, by defining itself a group defines others. Identity is rarely claimed or assigned for its own sake. These definitions of self and others have purposes and consequences. They are tied to rewards and punishment, which may be material or symbolic. There is usually an expectation of gain or loss as a consequence of identity claims. This is why identities are contested. Power is implicated here, and because groups do not have equal powers to define both self and the other, the consequences reflect these power differentials. Often notions of superiority and inferiority are embedded in particular identities.” Andrew Okolie

Interesting isn’t it? Incredibly important in the current socio-political climate. I thought it was worth posting because of a comment on the Cardinal Cañizares post:

“I suspect Canizares was…

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