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Eight Years Of Corruption

Well, this particular blog has been completely dormant for about a year meaning I haven’t posted here in that time. I have been posting in Devil’s Advocates a bit more regularly but have a been a bit lapse there as well. However I got a notification from WordPress that it is eight years since I started blogging here and thought this might be a good time for a status update and some thoughts on where I and my writing are going from here.

Eight years does not seem long at all when you say it; but it is fair to say that my life has changed almost entirely in that time. My first post on this blog (which was called “Cassie Being Cassie” at that time) began by parodying Brigit Jones Diary and making reference to my then boyfriend and to the fact that I was an eclectic pagan witch. I had to cringe while reading it back to myself as it now seems like a very young and innocent version of the person I have become.

There are some who would certainly use the word corruption to describe the process of growth I have been through in the intervening time; but I would prefer to use the terms enlightenment and maturation. For those who haven’t been following my blogs, the short version of the last eight years is that I became a Satanist, got a girlfriend, moved to Switzerland, adopted a daughter, had several promotions at work and wound up being leader of an independent Satanic coven.

“Cassie Being Cassie” changed to “Sophie and Cassie-Not Safe For Work” after Sophie and I got together. We have kept the blog going intermittently since then. At first it was a mixture of our philosophical and spiritual thoughts and opinions (we are both Satanists), quite a lot of sexual content and reblogs of things we liked on the blogs we followed. As time went by we moved most of the Satanic stuff to our other main blog “Devils Advocates”, and this blog was kept for reblogs and occasional musings on our sexual tastes and fetishes and thoughts on sex and gender politics. As more time passed our daughter came of age and became a Satanist herself, contributing to Devil’s Advocates and starting her own blog.

So where are we now, and what does the future hold? Well, more specifically, where am I now… (Sophie and Tina will speak for themselves later).

After a nervous first few months, Satanism became the cornerstone of my life and my world. I am not going to say much more about it here beyond this paragraph except to give an indication of the direction I am going in at the end of this post. I concede that my views and lifestyle are considered to be evil by many people. I think they are wrong in many ways but I don’t run away from the label as I once did. If Satan is evil, then so am I. I have given up all my previous ideas about morality which I now see as a purely subjective and unscientific concepts in the first place. I live by Satanic will and imperatives alone. I am not good. I have no desire to be anything other than honest to myself and my own wants and needs. I understand that what I have just said can sound very selfish and shallow to the uninitiated; but it really isn’t, and I have explained that more than enough in various blog entries. I am happy in my own skin and that is what matters. Still, as leader of a coven and as a relatively well known Satanist I hope I can continue to be a positive example of what modern Satanism is. Further thoughts specifically about Satanism will be continued in Devil’s Advocates and “another project…”

Musings about sex played quite a large part in this original blog and continued when Sophie joined in. It is still something I think about quite a lot because I enjoy it and it seems to be something that society as a whole is often conflicted about in ways that make me wonder how “civilized” or mature our species really is on this (and many other matters)! Sophie and I live by our own rules. Finding each other has probably been the biggest blessing in our lives and our relationship continues to be defined by very passionate love for each other. But we are both bisexual, or perhaps omnisexual as modern terminology catches up with the reality of people’s varied sexual tastes and experience. We have sex with each other and with others, sometimes together and sometimes separately. I have always thought that sex frequently has spiritual dimensions and overtones and I still firmly believe and experience that. However, I’m not ashamed to say I sometimes just like an adventurous or satisfying fuck and that could be with a man or a woman or any combination thereof! Sophie and I have always liked experimenting and we both enjoy various aspects of BDSM. We like porn too. We have our own tastes which for myself I like to think of as sophisticated and refined, but that includes some things which others might describe as hardcore. I do have a problem with porn though. Ideally porn and prostitution should be empowering to all involved; that includes the consumers and those who pose for pictures or provide sexual services. But it is naive to assume it always is that way. I do my best to avoid anything where there is a suspicion that anyone has been forced or coerced into taking part or where they have been filmed without their knowledge or consent. I’m sure however I have sometimes derived pleasure from porn that was not made in a way I would approve of and that makes me uncomfortable. I am thinking of joining or even starting some organisations that try to keep sex workers safe and increase respect for their profession; while at the same time reducing the sense in which prostitution and pornography are views as inherently bad or wrong. As long as meaningful consent and real choice are involved, I think erotica and all those who work in the sex industry are healthy and deserving of more respect than they normally get.

As I approach what some would call middle age, I am more comfortable in and with my (now heavily inked) body than ever before. And I hope and wish that all my regular readers will continue to enjoy the sexual aspect of their lives in whatever way satisfies them for a long time to come.

Looking to the future… In terms of my work-life I am now a senior manager in my company and have ideas and plans for improving my own prospects as well as those of my colleagues and the company itself. It will mean working even harder, but I have never been afraid of that. This should bring financial and material rewards for Sophie and I and we are thinking about moving home although staying in Switzerland. I am also going to apply for Swiss citizenship now that Britain seems obsessed with the national suicide that is called Brexit.

I also want to make time to concentrate on several writing projects I have in mind. I always wanted to invest more in writing but have often struggled to fit it in between all my other activities. I have now decided to make my writing ambitions a bit more concrete and hopefully my experience in blogging over the past eight years will be an advantage in that. One of my writing projects will be a semi-autobiographic book about Satanism which has been at the back of my mind for a number of years. I am also working on ideas for travel articles, and novels exploring sex and relationships in a way that I have always wanted to read. I have a few science fiction and fantasy ideas as well. In order to give myself some time for all those projects I am going to step back from blogging. I’m not going to say I won’t contribute at all to our blogs in future; if I have something I want or need to say I will do so…

Our blogs will not stop though. Sophie and Tina (who is now a thoughtful and enthusiastic Satanic woman in her own right) will continue with Devil’s Advocates and Smokers Writes, and may even continue to post here from time to time.

We are a strong family trio, with fingers in many pies, and our story will continue…


Thank You David Bowie


There will be many tributes written to David Bowie today. This is just our small thank you.

David, thank you for being a major landmark in the landscape of our lives. In truth we were not your most devoted fans. We didn’t buy all of your records. We didn’t know all of your songs. But since we first started listening to music, buying music, going to gigs and hanging out with bands; you were always there in the background. You were a common point of reference in conversations with many people we have loved and admired. You were an inspiration to artists and musicians around the world and you will remain so. Your music and style touched us and almost everybody we knew. You were a ground breaker and the doors you pushed open made it easier for many to go through. You traveled your life with courage and originality which will continue to inspire. According to most accounts we are aware of, you were also a gentleman, kind to those you loved and generous to those who you could help and encourage. And finallly you left this world with dignity, an artist to the end.

If we had lived in a world that had not been graced by David Bowie, Cassie and I would have had much more difficulty in living our lives as we choose to. Virtually all aspects of our lifestyle would have generated controversy, resistance and hostility. The doors you pushed open made it much easier for people like us to live fully and authentically.

Thank you David Bowie. You are a star man. Always will be.


New Year, New Visions

Hervé Scott-Flament - Un baiser entre mille

Hervé Scott-Flament – Un baiser entre mille

New Year, New Visions.

This blog will remain a place where from time to time we reblog things we like from blogs we follow. We will also occasionally publish our own opinion pieces here. Through the archives you can still find what is in effect Cassie’s Diary; charting a period in her life when she went from being a single bisexual pagan girl looking after her dying mother to a more mature lesbian woman living with her girlfriend and adopted daughter.

But starting this year we will also be publishing here some of the wide range of art and imagery we have collected over the years (much of it adult oriented) perhaps juxtaposed with text which may or may not be connected with the pictures.

Cassie and Sophie will remain very much Not Safe For Work.




Which way now?


We have been reposting a few posts we like here but other than that we are at a bit of a loss to know what to do with this blog at the moment.

In terms of writing we devote most of our creative energy to our Satanism blog, Devils Advocates. Being politically incorrect we also write about our unashamed enjoyment of smoking in Smokers Writes. We had intended this blog to be for anything that didn’t fit in either of those places with an emphasis on sexy or sex related posts. Well maybe that is still the case but while we are both hedonists who enjoy indulging in many forms of kink and sexuality, we are not actually sex writers… So there hasn’t been an awful lot to post recently. Moreover we don’t want to limit ourselves to just that.

We don’t want to close or permanently neglect this site though. It just seems that our other blogs and life outside the blogosphere are taking up all our time at the moment.

We are open to suggestions.

Meanwhile watch this space. Who knows what will emerge.

Cassie and Sophie

I Pad and WordPress


Has anybody else noticed how badly WordPress works on IPad or is it just us?

Very slow to write. PAINFULLY slow to load and scroll through blogs we follow.

And most features just don’t work properly.

Its a problem since I (Cassie) am on the road a lot of the time and only have my iPad with me.

In Memorium

12 July (16)

Sophie and I were deeply shocked and saddened to learn this week that our friend and fellow blogger Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge left this world a week ago after a tragic fire in his country house. He was a very special person and we already miss him very much.

I can’t remember exactly how or when we got to know of each other. At first we used to leave comments and messages on each other’s blogs. Later we began to correspond by email. After a fairly short time we were speaking  and sharing secrets as if we had always known each other. We never met in person but I think we came to know each other as intimately as it is possible over the medium of the internet.

He was a rare thing; the real deal, as I have heard others describe him this week. He was a man who lived his Pagan beliefs fully and seemed more connected to the landscape he inhabited than anyone else I have known. From the beginning I found his blog to be a place of enchantment and his words and photographs continue to cast their spell.

And he was a man of magic; an accomplished witch and occultist, a leading light in the Coven of the Catta and well regarded in wider pagan circles. In terms of witchcraft he was way ahead of me and some of his ideas and methods left me scratching my head and gasping for breath! But he was generous with his knowledge and not too proud to allow me to offer a magical helping hand from time to time. Magic was certainly a major aspect of his persona; not separate from him or a tool to be used, but part of the way he lived and breathed.

He was a deeply spiritual man although I don’t think it would be possible to pigeon hole his beliefs. He was an eclectic pagan with strong Wiccan roots but he was also well versed and  schooled in Buddhism and Taoism. He respected our Satanic beliefs and shared some of them and yet he also respected Jesus and aspects of Christianity. He was fascinated with the two Marys of Christian tradition who I think he saw as manifestations of the Goddess. Like the best teachers he was always learning and always happy to be investigating something new.

He had a great sense of humour which could sometimes be a bit risqué. That suited us and some of our email conversations were indeed very earthy and adult. We will miss those candid and occasionally naughty exchanges… There is great comfort and relaxation in being able to be open with somebody far away…

Like us he was fond of ink and had a lot of tattoos. Most of his had magical significance as well as symbolic meaning which has inspired us use ink in a similar way in future. Sophie and I are thinking that our next ink work will probably be a memorial and tribute to him.

He did not often or perhaps ever speak about it in his blogs, but in recent years he had to endure great pain and frustrating debility due to illness. He never moaned or complained and still managed to do a lot of hard physical work around his home and countryside.

And it was in his home in the country that he seemed to be most fully himself; the total pagan, part of the nature and environment he lived and worked in. He looked after the animals that strayed his way and managed the trees, the stream and the land around him like the proverbial Wiccan, the wise man of the woods. I think this more than anything is the infectious charm that first drew us to him. And it is an enchantment that can still be found on his blogs which I hope will stay up for a long while to come.

I do not want this post to be an obituary but rather a tribute to and celebration of the life of our friend. His enchanting blogs are a legacy that still exist for us and for anybody who is curious to learn or eager to glimpse the life of somebody who was intimately connected to the landscape he lived in. We urge people to go to his blogs and bookmark them; there is a wealth of magic of all kinds there waiting to be discovered.

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

Coven Of The Catta

Sophie and I are still very shocked and incredibly sad about his departure from this world but when the time is right we will celebrate his life in ways we believe he would approve and enjoy. There will be wine and cigars, bawdy stories and laughter. And of course there will be magic.

Our thoughts and our love go with him on his continuing journey.

11 July (3)



All images in this post are taken directly from Blau Stern’s blog and are copyright to him.



Christmas Reality Bites


Cassie and I have been working on some quite naughty and revealing things to put in this blog. This will still happen but perhaps not until the New Year. I think in 2015 this blog will become darker and sexier, but not just yet. Right now doesn’t seem appropriate…

We have been planning to celebrate this Christmas season together in Zurich, just me Cassie and my daughter. It has been a big year for the three of us and we want to celebrate as a family reflecting on all we have been through, all that has changed in our lives and where we are at now.

And we will do that, but there has been a complication.

Those who have been reading this blog for a long time will know that it started as Cassie’s blog several years before she met me and we got together. You may also remember that Cassie’s mother is ill, suffering from a rare form of early onset dementia. Sadly her condition has recently deteriorated badly. So our Christmas plans are a little bit on hold.

Since Cassie and I moved in together she has of course managed to visit her mother in England at least once every month. We don’t write about it because there is usually not much to say except that there is no change in her mother’s condition and the whole situation is quite sad. Well now her mother has suffered a bad fall and some broken bones and because of the other problems with her health the outlook is not looking good.

Cassie went to England yesterday and we don’t yet know where we will actually spend Christmas. But we will be together no matter what happens.

I would like to write an essay about how amazingly Cassie copes with this sader side of her life but she wouldn’t want me to. However she did say I could mention what is going on in our lives at the moment for background information. There are many sides to all people, including us.

We wish our readers all the best in this winter holiday season. If you are celebrating, do it in style and have fun!