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New Year, New Visions

Hervé Scott-Flament - Un baiser entre mille

Hervé Scott-Flament – Un baiser entre mille

New Year, New Visions.

This blog will remain a place where from time to time we reblog things we like from blogs we follow. We will also occasionally publish our own opinion pieces here. Through the archives you can still find what is in effect Cassie’s Diary; charting a period in her life when she went from being a single bisexual pagan girl looking after her dying mother to a more mature lesbian woman living with her girlfriend and adopted daughter.

But starting this year we will also be publishing here some of the wide range of art and imagery we have collected over the years (much of it adult oriented) perhaps juxtaposed with text which may or may not be connected with the pictures.

Cassie and Sophie will remain very much Not Safe For Work.




Which way now?


We have been reposting a few posts we like here but other than that we are at a bit of a loss to know what to do with this blog at the moment.

In terms of writing we devote most of our creative energy to our Satanism blog, Devils Advocates. Being politically incorrect we also write about our unashamed enjoyment of smoking in Smokers Writes. We had intended this blog to be for anything that didn’t fit in either of those places with an emphasis on sexy or sex related posts. Well maybe that is still the case but while we are both hedonists who enjoy indulging in many forms of kink and sexuality, we are not actually sex writers… So there hasn’t been an awful lot to post recently. Moreover we don’t want to limit ourselves to just that.

We don’t want to close or permanently neglect this site though. It just seems that our other blogs and life outside the blogosphere are taking up all our time at the moment.

We are open to suggestions.

Meanwhile watch this space. Who knows what will emerge.

Cassie and Sophie

Six Years Old!


According to WordPress it is six years since I started this blog. A lot has happened and changed in six years!

Sophie and I have been writing this blog together for the last few years but she said this anniversary post should be by me. Below you can see my very first blog entry here. It makes me cringe a bit to read it now but I guess the person who made it is still a large part of the person I am. After that you can read a summery of our most popular posts with a few thoughts from me. the there are some nice and progressively naughty photos we have posted over the years. And then a few thoughts going forward.

So this was my first ever post. (I’ll blush in a corner while you read it).

Well I don’t intend to write something here every day but since I have half an hour spare and I want to put some meat on the bones of this blog I might as well write something while I’m sipping wine and smoking my last but one cigarette of the day…

The day started well. I woke up early and, well let’s say eagerly. Andy is staying over for a few days. We both travel a lot in our jobs and so the rare times we actually spend together are precious. Thus, the first few hours of the morning were, let’s say, energetic and satisfying! 😉 It left me with an energy buzz which, thankfully, has stayed with me through most of the day.

After Andy left to go off to a meeting in London,  I went round to my Mum’s. She wasn’t having a good day; very confused and forgetful and generally very frail. I took her for a walk and then cooked dinner for her. It worries me how much she depends on me and in a couple of weeks I’ll be working abroad for a couple of months again and I’m seriously concerned about how she will cope. I am trying to persuade her to get some help, but she is being very stubborn.

I am sure there are some who would think that if I am really a witch I should be able to do some quick magic spell to make her well again. I only wish life was that simple. That’s not to say I don’t try some things from time to time;- energy work mostly. However, in order to transfer positive and healthy energy to her I have to be careful not to absorb too much of her fear, frustration and depression. That is not so easy as I am an empath.

This afternoon I spent some time on my lap-top (mostly setting up this blog) and bullied Mum into going for another short walk for some fresh air. Then I stayed at her place watching TV untill she went to bed. Then I came home…

Andy will be back any minute and it will be nice to just snuggle for a while… Mind you I am hoping my last ciggie of the day will be a post coital one!

…I think I got my wish. Andy and I split up amicably not long after. It turns out that was my last serious relationship with a man. When I started this blog I described myself as bisexual and wrote quite a lot of posts on that topic. Now I guess I’m still bisexual but I identify more as a lesbian. Meeting Sophie and moving in with her has been one of the happiest and most significant changes of the last six years.

I’m still a witch but whereas I used to be quite passionately pagan, I am now even more passionately Satanist.

My mother’s deterioration and eventual death last year was the most difficult and saddest thing to bare during the last six years. It is something I am still coming to terms with.

Here is a list of our most popular posts according to WordPress.


I think it is significant and somewhat pleasing that The Accidental Lesbian comes in at the top of the list, it is the one post that encapsulates the biggest change in my persona during the past six years.

There are several posts about smoking in the list. In fact we were writing on that subject so often that we started a separate blog for it.

I’m glad Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men made it into the list as our most popular musical post. It is still my favourites song of the last decade and has all sorts of personal meanings to me.

And regular readers will not be at all surprised that most of the other posts in the list are about various aspects of sex and sexuality. Funnily enough I think the Cassie of six years ago would have found that quite surprising.

And here are a few photos that I like from the last six years.












Waterhouse Lady Of Shalott



Inked Girls Gallery 143 (7)






I am without doubt a darker and harder person than I was when this this blog began but I am far more secure and happier in my own skin.

My lover is my life partner. I have a daughter whom I love as much as if she had come from my own loins.

I don’t know what will happen to this blog in the months and years to come but the story of Cassie and Sophie will continue.

Dark And Beautiful

A collection of images and sentiments we find beautiful. Some are our own but most were collected from the web mostly on our Tumblr site. We have edited and photoshopped many of them but we are happy to give credit to the original artists and photographers if they make themselves known.

All beauty starts with the raw power of nature.


Beauty can be fragile and poisonous.


There is beauty in the knowledge that we are part of nature; not separate from it.


Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. (Ralph Waldo Emmerson)


Beauty is a talented woman like Amy MacDonald making music and living the life.


Knowing your own darkness is the best way of dealing with the darkness of others. (Carl Jung)


The beauty of working magic is powerful and often feared.


The beauty of hands is that they do the work of the brain and express the soul


Fingers can be elegant and expressive but they are designed to get dirty and be intimate.


There is great beauty in the unknown, the mysterious and the forbidden.



The beauty of skin on skin; of giving in to desire, of knowing where your touch will lead…


The beauty of trusting your lover with your soul.


The beauty of unashamed adult playfulness and letting go…


She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies; All that’s best of dark and light meet in her aspect and her eyes. (Lord Byron)


Beauty is a form of genius, is higher in fact as it needs no explanation. (Oscar Wilde)


Innocence has a passing ephemeral beauty but it has  a “sell by” date after which it becomes unattractive and rancid. What I desire for myself and those I love is the beauty that comes with knowledge and experience.







Food, Drink And Sex


I have always thought there were some big similarities between food, drink and sex and the way those subjects are discussed and written about. There are of course some big differences too. I will discuss all of those things in this post. Regular readers will know that Sophie and I have decided to be open about sex in this blog and perhaps push the boarders a bit, you will also know that Sophie has already “taken the plunge” and that I am lagging behind a bit. That will be rectified in this post and those that are interested may discover some things that could intrigue, titilate, surprise or even disgust them in relation to my own sexual experiences. So be it. However in writing about the parallels between drinking, eating and sex I hope also to explain more clearly why Sophie and I feel it is a positive thing to write revealing and adult rated things about sex in this blog.

Virtually all adult human beings eat, drink and fuck. These activities are a normal and healthy part of life. All of these things can be pleasurable and all can be harmful in various ways and situations. They can be done for simple biological imperative and they can also be indulged in for fun and for pure pleasure. There are religious, social and cultural customs and taboos attached to all of them but in the western world it seems that sex is the most taboo and least openly discussed of these three things. And if sex is described or discussed in as much detail as a recipe for the most mouth watering lasagne, or the subtle charms of a fruity Bordeaux, it will most likely be described as pornography.

There are thousands of books and blogs about food and drink, wining and dining… Every aspect of food from growing it to eating it is covered in great detail. Writers are allowed to go into raptures about particular recipes, specialities, restaurants and cooks. They are allowed to openly salivate about the merits of certain produce, the qualities and complexities of mushrooms, the tenderness of beef, the aroma of cheeses or the best way to enjoy oysters. They can enthuse about the wines and beers of a region. They can celebrate the differences,both bold and subtle, between different vintages. And they can extol the virtues and the fun of drinking various alcoholic beverages around the world. Much of this writing is considered learned, classy and cultural. But if we go into the same amount of detail about sex, how will that be considered?

Well Sophie and I consider sex to be normal, healthy, human, beautiful, inspirational and fun; and we intend to write about it in that way and to cover all those aspects of it. We want to write about it and our experiences of it in the way that other people write about food and drink. We want to cover as many ingredients as possible and describe in detail some of our favourite recipes. We may get excited over some things which are an acquired taste but also share our fondness for things that most people enjoy. We may confess the things we find intoxicating. We may discuss some rare vintages or some exotic cocktails we have enjoyed…

So here are a few tasters from the menu of my personal pleasures…

I often like to pleasure myself with my fingers before the main course. I guess this grew out of masturbation but it has developed into something I like to share with my partner. The basics are my own fingers and my own clit and the interplay of sensations between the two. Dildos or vibrators can also be used but generally during this stage of foreplay I really enjoy the sensation of my own flesh on my own flesh. Maybe it is the sense of control, maybe it is the pleasure feedback loop (I swear at times my fingertips themselves are close to orgasm). When the lips of my clit are radiating waves of pleasure I begin to probe myself deeper. By this time my fingers feel as if they are giving off sparks and sometimes my whole hand ends up inside me. If all this sounds a bit solitary, the real thrill is having my partner there watching me loose control. If they can gently but firmly massage my breasts or my bum while I am doing this or kiss and lick me in the places my long term partners know about, the overall sensation is quite exquisite.

Main Course
I guess 69 would be regarded as a traditional main course. Well tradition can be fine and there are plenty of variations on the basic dish. I call the two main varieties “sweet” when it involves a man and “savoury” when it is with a woman. My current preference is for the savoury variety.

These days I find that once sexual activity is underway there is nothing more raw and satisfying than going down on my partner and licking her out. It is the ultimate intimacy between two women; during which I am almost overpowered by the taste and smell of my lover up close. And there is a kind of telepathic connection that is established while she is doing and experiencing the same between my legs. I have enjoyed the sweet version of 69 many times and I think I am still bisexual enough to enjoy the taste and feeling of a gushing cock in my mouth. But for me the savoury variety is so much more intense. One of the reasons is that women seem to be so much more proficient at using their tongues.(Seriously men, don’t you ever practice?) I pride myself on my ability to reach deep with my tongue to places I know excite my partner,all the time savouring her taste and smell. Of course simultaneously she is doing the same thing to me. Our huhnger for each other intensifies until we uncontrollably gorge on the juices that are released.

Something light and sweet. Delicate butterfly kisses… Lips, eyelashes, earlobes, nipples and then perhaps rest… Or maybe a french kiss; although that often leads to another main course…

My introduction to kinkier sex




Cassie and I have decided to speak candidly about aspects of our sex lives here. She has already explained some of the reasons why, and there are others which we won’t go into. One thing we haven’t mentioned yet however and which we may explain more fully sometime is that we both feel that sex is a gateway into the psychology of ourselves and others. It is a way to know and express yourself in a unique way. It can be both therapy and the deepest pleasure. With that in mind I will continue. I will admit I am a bit shy of exposing this much of myself publically but I will try…

I was was a nice girl. Good at school. Polite. Well behaved. And perhaps I still carry some of those aspects with me, but I also had a darker side, a part of me that wanted to go against the grain of how people saw me. I think I looked younger and more innocent than I felt I was. I was well educated and had a pretty singing voice, so I rather liked swearing and smoking so much my voice became deep and husky. My skin was clear and in good condition so I was keen to cover it in tattoos. I was pretty and nice and kind and expected to settle down with a nice boy so I slept around and went looking for the bad boys although actually the ones I found weren’t really bad at all. Part of this was just typical teenage rebellion, but partly I was trying to find and be my true self.

In my early sex life I think I sacrificed deeper more meaningful relationships for more experience of sex. I didn’t admit it, even to myself. I played the part of the nice girlfriend but always found reason to dump the nice boys. They were lovely, I could genuinely speak for hours about how nice they were. But sexually they didn’t satisfy me. A few of them experimented with padded hand-cufs and that got me interested for a few moments; but they didn’t know what they were doing.

Then I had my first girlfriend. That was different. That was very nice at first. She was a little older and wiser than me and I liked that. But even she ultimately disappointed me in bed. We split up when I was twenty and I went several months without a lover. I even stopped masterbating, I thought I had devoted too much time and energy to sex and should concentrate more on my studies and making platonic friends and being nice to my family. And then I met the man we shall call Thomas.

Thomas was exactly twice my age. He had been married. He was an artist and musician. He knew things. He had life experience. He swept me off my feet. The first time we slept together I knew I was dealing with somebody totally different to anybody I had been with before and that excited me. Even that first time he did things that none of my other lovers had ever dared. I knew from then it was going to be an education.

One of the things that impressed me in the early days with Thomas was that he was genuinely interested in what turned me on and took the trouble to find out. Not only in the bedroom itself; he took me shopping. We went to various sex shops, places I had never been to before. We bought various toys and magazines and most importantly for me at the time I bought a new sex wardrobe. I experimented with lace and leather and rubber. I began to learn for myself what I felt sexy in and how dressing up could add spice to our sexual antics.

He took the lead in matters of sex. I was happy with that because in most previous relationships I was always somehow in control. It was good to play a more submissive part but over a few months it became clear that I was not just being the more submissive of the two… He was the Dom and I was the Sub; fully and truly. I read up about it. I played my part well. I enjoyed it. And ever more elaborate forms of bondage came to play an increasing part in our sex games.

He was good with ropes and knots. After some experiments we found different ways to bind me that were tight and controlling but not too uncomfortable. I don’t enjoy being bound so tightly that it burns or hurts although I do sometimes like there to be some marks afterward. What came to be our favourite position saw me bound in a crouching or kneeling position on the floor or on the bed or a table with my hands tied behind my back. The finishing touch was fixing a ball gag in my mouth… I am an articulate person in three languages; not being able to speak any of them was frightening, and yet exciting. All I could do was grunt and moan and very quickly I would be drooling uncontrollably. I felt like I was being reduced to my most basic, animalistic self. Sophie with all education and sophistication removed and with only the primal instinct to fuck remaining. And then he would have his way with me, often making me wait, teasing and deriding me. Sometimes he spanked me with his hands or with paddles, sometimes he would tickle me with a riding whip or whip me harder like a disobedient horse. By this time I would be desperate to feel his cock inside me, and I didn’t mind where; but again he would make me wait until I almost couldn’t bare it. When he was pleased with me, he would release my gag just before he came and I would take him in my mouth  in a frenzy like a beggar who hasn’t eaten for months.

After some months of this I think I was beginning to worry about the psychological effect this kind of sex was having on me. I was enjoying it, in fact I would say I was getting addicted to it; but it was also making me question who I was, and indeed my value as a person beyond sex. And then he suggested that we change roles…

For me to play the dominant one was such a change in our sex life and in our whole relationship that I must admit I was very bad at it at first. I felt very nervous and insecure. But in surreal conversations over breakfast and at the supermarket, Thomas made it clear he wanted me to keep trying. And so I did.

The key once again was to go shopping… As Thomas was keen, he let me use his credit card and I went to a sex and lingere shop where I kitted myself out in the most extreme, badass dominatrix attire I could buy, complete with tassels, sharp studs and high heeled boots. Getting dressed in it helped me to get into character; or perhaps more honestly to find the hardcore dominatrix bitch within me.

Thomas didn’t like extreme pain which was just as well because I wouldn’t have felt comfortable inflicting that on him. My tastes include some aspects of S&M, but only to a limited degree. What Thomas did like though was to be totally dominated and to some degree humiliated. During the peak of this phase of our relationship a typical scene would go something as follows:-

After dinner I would order him to go and have a shower and return to the living room naked. By the time he returned I would have dressed up and we would both fully assume our roles. I would make him kneel in front of me and walk around him, inspecting the goods and chastising him sternly. He was not allowed to reply unless I gave him permission, and if he did speak out of turn I might use my riding whip across his buttocks…

“You didn’t wash behind your ears… You dirty boy… Yes, I called you a boy…” Slash! Whip!

Sometimes I would sit on his back and pretend to ride him like a horse, or rather…

“Bad doggie! Go faster doggie!”

While riding him I would expose my fanny and rub it up and down along his back while gently massaging his buttocks or lightly whipping them. Then I would order him to lick me but he was not allowed to get off his hands and knees so he could only lick my boots and my stockings. Then…,

“Bark!” I would order, “Bark like a real dog! Bark louder! No! Not woof, woof; you imbecile! Howl! howl like an animal… Go on that’s better… Now look, the door is opening… Your mother is there… She can see you for the animal you are! Oh look, there is your boss! What does he think of you now? Bark! Howl! Go on! You are not a person you are an animal… A really stupid animal!”

“You want to fuck me don’t you? You want to fuck me like an animal! Well you can’t. I want a man, not a pathetic little boy who thinks he’s a dog! I want a real man, not a stupid creep like you! Stand up… Stand up now!”

Then he would sheepishly stand up straight. I would walk around him, stroking and prodding him fairly gently with the tip of my whip, finally focusing my attention on his erect penis. Eventually I would take his cock in my hand and begin to work, pulling and massaging, gently at first but ever more vigorously. All the time I would berate him in various ways, telling him he was not good enough for me or for anybody. Some of the insults could be quite deep and hurtful based on things I knew he was sensitive about. At the same time I would begin to squeeze the base of his cock and all around his balls; not quite actual torture but far more than playful. And then just when he was about to explode with cum I would stop completely and give him tasks to do.

“Sing me a song!”

“Dance for me.”

“Pour me a drink!”

“Light my cigarette!”

“If you cum before I have finished this cigarette, that’s it for tonight. We don’t speak until morning and you can sleep on the sofa!”

And that was it really. I’d leave him standing there, aching for sex but being denied it until I was quite ready and he was ready to explode. I would then give him precise instructions about how I wanted him to fuck me and if he carried them out exactly we would both be satisfied, and if not I would punish him with the whip and an early end to the “session”.

I enjoyed it for a while, for quite a few months even. I was fascinated and slightly disturbed to explore this darker side of my persona. But ultimately I got bored. My initial attraction to Thomas was based on the fact that he was the experienced one and I could trust him to take control while I was the more inexperienced and submissive one. But he could never go back to that. Once he had discovered Sophie the dominatrix that was all he ever wanted me to be. But I knew I couldn’t be happy just playing that one role and only expressing the darker more controlling side of myself. So we split up. I had grown a lot. He hadn’t.

Well, I’ll stop there. Writing these things down does make me think and re-examine things. It is a kind of therapy I guess. Since that time I have had a lot of long and short term relationships; not all of them so intense. After Thomas I knew I had it within me to be both the total sub or the total Dom. But often neither extreme is necessary. One of the reasons Cassie and I get on so well is that we are quite similar in that respect. But I will leave it to her to say more. It is her turn next.

Bondage, Dominance, Submission, Trust, Love



Sophie and I have been planning for some time to write something here about BDSM and the darker areas of love and sex in general. We may describe some of our kinkier experiences of sex with each other and with other people but we felt that first some explanations are needed. Perhaps first up, why should we write about such things in the first place?

Well the first answer is it might be enlightening and educational for some people and of course it might be entertaining for some too. This blog is fairly obviously and pointedly aimed at adults only. But equally importantly it is cathartic for us. Perhaps one of the darker aspects of our own sexuality is that we are unapologetic egotists, we’ll admit here and now that it turns us on to give public glimpses of ourselves in a controlled way. Anyone who is put off by that should head for the door. However, having said that, we are also quite sensitive and sensible people. There are millions of people who write about these things, perhaps we can do it in a way that is more sensible and down to earth than many.

We are not heavily into the BDSM scene, but we have experience of it and we do incorporate many aspects of it into our own sex lives. We can both switch between dominance and submission; we have several kinks and fetishes in common and a few extra individual ones. Sex in all its variety has pretty much always been important to both of us. We both feel blessed that nature made us bisexual because that has allowed us to experience things which people who are completely one way or the other might never know.

I was 15 when I lost my virginity to a guy who was only slightly older than myself. It was all very nice and in an ironic way I suppose, very innocent. He was my boyfriend for the best part of a year after that. We had good sex, enjoyable sex… Pretty much all my memories of that time and that relationship are good ones. Very occasionally we meet up again and there is still a lot of warmth between us. We have not slept together since that relationship ended and I doubt that we ever will again, but there is something special about your first time and your first real lover… It was all very nice.

But I think I knew from the beginning that I wanted a more interesting and adventurous sex life. I still like “nice” sex, but I always wanted to explore my own boundaries and find out more about myself and other people through sex. I was always keen to experiment. Over time I have realised that not everybody feels the same way. Some are less experimental. Some never have any desire to experience sex that is anything beyond pleasant and comfortable and loving. That is fine, but some of us are not made that way. I am not. My partner is not. We have both always enjoyed variety in our sex lives and we like to explore what are sometimes referred to as the darker areas of our sexuality and sexual tastes.

As ever; by dark I don’t really mean bad, but those areas of sexuality and psychology which are kept hidden and often deemed as being unusual, kinky or naughty. Areas where to some degree the boarders between pleasure and pain may merge, where voice and feeling are given to parts of the self that are often repressed. For Sophie and I it is just another aspect of our way of life and philosophy in which we value both the lighter and darker aspects of ourselves and seek to integrate them as fully as possible. We are big believers in Jungian philosophy and psychology and in sex, as in all aspects of our life, we seek balance by working with our shadow side and making peace with our demons. As some may know, our spiritual life follows the same pattern.

All very philosophical, but what does it all mean? As somebody very innocently and honestly asked me recently, “What is the point of all that darker sexual stuff? Don’t you have pleasure just from being intimate and making love passionately with the one you love? Isn’t it just a kind of addictive thrill seeking which lessens the value of love itself?”

Good questions, and actually not all that easy to answer…

Firstly love. Yes that is the most important thing and without it any kind of sex, even if thoroughly enjoyable, is a lesser thing than making love. I can shudder with emotion just by brushing my lips against Sophie. I can bring myself to orgasm just by imagining how she touches me; and I can cry myself to sleep from missing her. Having darker or kinkier sex can be great and rewarding without love, but when combined with love it is so much better. Moreover many of the kinkier kinds of sex depend totally on love, respect and trust between the participants in order for such activities to elevate you to another level of experience.

Even in the most simple forms of bondage which I’m sure pretty much everyone experiments with at some stage, allowing somebody to tie you up or restrain you in any way is ultimately a huge act of trust. If that trust is broken, if you are hurt or in any way distressed by what what your partner does while you are tied up, it can be an awful experience and could and probably should be the end of a relationship (and could even lead to rape charges). On the other hand if your partner knows you well enough to pleasure you to your limits and just a little beyond perhaps, it can be a sublime experience. Also knowing that somebody trusts you enough to let you restrain them and control them to some degree is a huge honour and responsibility. I’d say it was a very meaningful sign of love in fact.

It can indeed become addictive to look for ever more extreme ways to be turned on sexually and some people may damage themselves and others in such a quest. There is a real danger there. However, most people can control themselves or learn to; indeed that is part of what life is about. People can become addicted to just about anything from cream cakes to computer games, the test of a person’s charecter is retaining self control and/or knowing when to stop. Some will fail. Most will learn and grow. Sophie and I believe very strongly indeed that people’s potential to grow should not be hindered because a few are unable to.

But we are getting too philosophical again…

Next time, Sophie the dominatrix. 😉