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Eight Years Of Corruption

Well, this particular blog has been completely dormant for about a year meaning I haven’t posted here in that time. I have been posting in Devil’s Advocates a bit more regularly but have a been a bit lapse there as well. However I got a notification from WordPress that it is eight years since I started blogging here and thought this might be a good time for a status update and some thoughts on where I and my writing are going from here.

Eight years does not seem long at all when you say it; but it is fair to say that my life has changed almost entirely in that time. My first post on this blog (which was called “Cassie Being Cassie” at that time) began by parodying Brigit Jones Diary and making reference to my then boyfriend and to the fact that I was an eclectic pagan witch. I had to cringe while reading it back to myself as it now seems like a very young and innocent version of the person I have become.

There are some who would certainly use the word corruption to describe the process of growth I have been through in the intervening time; but I would prefer to use the terms enlightenment and maturation. For those who haven’t been following my blogs, the short version of the last eight years is that I became a Satanist, got a girlfriend, moved to Switzerland, adopted a daughter, had several promotions at work and wound up being leader of an independent Satanic coven.

“Cassie Being Cassie” changed to “Sophie and Cassie-Not Safe For Work” after Sophie and I got together. We have kept the blog going intermittently since then. At first it was a mixture of our philosophical and spiritual thoughts and opinions (we are both Satanists), quite a lot of sexual content and reblogs of things we liked on the blogs we followed. As time went by we moved most of the Satanic stuff to our other main blog “Devils Advocates”, and this blog was kept for reblogs and occasional musings on our sexual tastes and fetishes and thoughts on sex and gender politics. As more time passed our daughter came of age and became a Satanist herself, contributing to Devil’s Advocates and starting her own blog.

So where are we now, and what does the future hold? Well, more specifically, where am I now… (Sophie and Tina will speak for themselves later).

After a nervous first few months, Satanism became the cornerstone of my life and my world. I am not going to say much more about it here beyond this paragraph except to give an indication of the direction I am going in at the end of this post. I concede that my views and lifestyle are considered to be evil by many people. I think they are wrong in many ways but I don’t run away from the label as I once did. If Satan is evil, then so am I. I have given up all my previous ideas about morality which I now see as a purely subjective and unscientific concepts in the first place. I live by Satanic will and imperatives alone. I am not good. I have no desire to be anything other than honest to myself and my own wants and needs. I understand that what I have just said can sound very selfish and shallow to the uninitiated; but it really isn’t, and I have explained that more than enough in various blog entries. I am happy in my own skin and that is what matters. Still, as leader of a coven and as a relatively well known Satanist I hope I can continue to be a positive example of what modern Satanism is. Further thoughts specifically about Satanism will be continued in Devil’s Advocates and “another project…”

Musings about sex played quite a large part in this original blog and continued when Sophie joined in. It is still something I think about quite a lot because I enjoy it and it seems to be something that society as a whole is often conflicted about in ways that make me wonder how “civilized” or mature our species really is on this (and many other matters)! Sophie and I live by our own rules. Finding each other has probably been the biggest blessing in our lives and our relationship continues to be defined by very passionate love for each other. But we are both bisexual, or perhaps omnisexual as modern terminology catches up with the reality of people’s varied sexual tastes and experience. We have sex with each other and with others, sometimes together and sometimes separately. I have always thought that sex frequently has spiritual dimensions and overtones and I still firmly believe and experience that. However, I’m not ashamed to say I sometimes just like an adventurous or satisfying fuck and that could be with a man or a woman or any combination thereof! Sophie and I have always liked experimenting and we both enjoy various aspects of BDSM. We like porn too. We have our own tastes which for myself I like to think of as sophisticated and refined, but that includes some things which others might describe as hardcore. I do have a problem with porn though. Ideally porn and prostitution should be empowering to all involved; that includes the consumers and those who pose for pictures or provide sexual services. But it is naive to assume it always is that way. I do my best to avoid anything where there is a suspicion that anyone has been forced or coerced into taking part or where they have been filmed without their knowledge or consent. I’m sure however I have sometimes derived pleasure from porn that was not made in a way I would approve of and that makes me uncomfortable. I am thinking of joining or even starting some organisations that try to keep sex workers safe and increase respect for their profession; while at the same time reducing the sense in which prostitution and pornography are views as inherently bad or wrong. As long as meaningful consent and real choice are involved, I think erotica and all those who work in the sex industry are healthy and deserving of more respect than they normally get.

As I approach what some would call middle age, I am more comfortable in and with my (now heavily inked) body than ever before. And I hope and wish that all my regular readers will continue to enjoy the sexual aspect of their lives in whatever way satisfies them for a long time to come.

Looking to the future… In terms of my work-life I am now a senior manager in my company and have ideas and plans for improving my own prospects as well as those of my colleagues and the company itself. It will mean working even harder, but I have never been afraid of that. This should bring financial and material rewards for Sophie and I and we are thinking about moving home although staying in Switzerland. I am also going to apply for Swiss citizenship now that Britain seems obsessed with the national suicide that is called Brexit.

I also want to make time to concentrate on several writing projects I have in mind. I always wanted to invest more in writing but have often struggled to fit it in between all my other activities. I have now decided to make my writing ambitions a bit more concrete and hopefully my experience in blogging over the past eight years will be an advantage in that. One of my writing projects will be a semi-autobiographic book about Satanism which has been at the back of my mind for a number of years. I am also working on ideas for travel articles, and novels exploring sex and relationships in a way that I have always wanted to read. I have a few science fiction and fantasy ideas as well. In order to give myself some time for all those projects I am going to step back from blogging. I’m not going to say I won’t contribute at all to our blogs in future; if I have something I want or need to say I will do so…

Our blogs will not stop though. Sophie and Tina (who is now a thoughtful and enthusiastic Satanic woman in her own right) will continue with Devil’s Advocates and Smokers Writes, and may even continue to post here from time to time.

We are a strong family trio, with fingers in many pies, and our story will continue…


Tumblr Picks 1 (Sophie’s Choice)

Cassie and I have a tumblr site where we collect images we both like. It is something we mainly do while we are apart. What happens is I look through the sites we follow and “like” some photos whic h I think will appeal to Cassie and she looks through and picks things she thinks I will like. Then when either of us look through our liked photos we find things we have chosen for each other. If we agree with the likes (which is virtually always) we then publish the photo on our own site. It’s a bit of fun. We thought we would share a bit of that fun here too. I am going to post some recent things I chose for Cassie and say why I chose them and later she will do the same.

A little warning and explanation first though. Tumblr is much more relaxed about adult content than WordPress , and if you visit our actual tumblr site you will find it is mostly “Adult Content”. Some of the images would be called pornographic by some people but we think of it as erotica and usually quite tasteful and sophisticated. We also have a lot of images connected with witchcraft and satanism which are also passions of ours, and some of those are quite erotic too. However, in these WordPress posts we have taken care to keep things as tame as possible and will not show anything too naughty. Even so, there may be some partial nudity and sexual references in the images that follow.


Cassie likes kissing. We both do. There is nothing more sensual and sexy. Or as Cassie put it, nothing more beautiful to do. We have both kissed a lot of men in our time and that can be deeply fulfilling although men often think of kissing as a precursor to something else. But actually I think the proof that we are more lesbian than bisexual is that neither of us can think of anything much lovelier than kissing each other or the site of two women kissing each other passionately.

2) image

I knew Cassie would like this. One morning soon after we met we were putting on our make up and Cassie started helping me with mine… I guess it is something primal; grooming your mate… It never looses it’s sex appeal.


It isn’t but this could actually be Cassie. She is so at home in the forest or by the lake collecting leaves, making tinctures and burning incense. She has taught my daughter and I so much about witchcraft, about correspondences and elements. The magic flows out of her and is deeply enchanting to see. She would admit that she is a city girl but when we go into the country this earthy. witchy side of her really comes out and it really is magic.


I think this is artistically beautiful but I chose it because Cassie loves classical ballet. She says she was never very good at it but she used to practice regularly and you can see it in her body. Add a few tattoos and this could easily be her.

5) image

Cassie loves erotic art. She likes things that look classy but provocative. And sometimes she even paints things like this.

6) image

This was kind of an obvious pick for Cassie. We have both grown to enjoy each other’s tastes and fetishes. She introduced me to blindfolds and I introduced her to leather.

7) image

There is really not much I can say about this or want to. We both love this picture and I’ll let our readers work out what this says about some of the sexual psychology between me and Cassie.



This is a scene from our all time favourite film “Amelie”. It hints at all kinds of beauty that exists in the places people are afraid to look.


Smoking nuns. Smoking and nuns. Things that aren’t supposed to be sexy but are. Things which provoke and challenge. Things that can be dark or blasphemous. Yes we both like all that.




Simply because this model is beautiful.We both fancy her. If she is not already bisexual or lesbian, we’d love to try and convert her. And then we’d like to corrupt that perfect skin with a few well chosen tattoos.


Cassie introduced me to rituals of witchcraft and Satanism. Their power is hard to explain if you haven’t experienced them but they can also be creative, artistic and erotic.

All the above images were collected from various places on Tumblr where they were published openly. We don’t know where any of them originated but we would be happy to give credit where it is due. We wouldn’t have chosen them if we didn’t think they were good, so our thanks go to the original photographers, models and artists whoever they are.


Happy Halloween/Samhain

To all those who celebrate tonight (as I will), have fun and be magical.

Pope Francis

Regular visitors to my blog will be aware that I am far from being a Catholic or a Christian of any kind. I am in fact a Satanist (hopefully a positive and forward thinking one).

I was torn when Pope Benedict resigned. On the one hand I would like to think that the Pope’s resignation might open the way for a new broom that would sweep away the cob-webs and usher in a more liberal and enlightened era for those who wish to remain Catholic but reject the abuse, bigotry and corruption that define the church today.
On the other hand since the Catholic church is opposed to pretty much all I believe in and is one of the most corrupt institutions on Earth there was a part of me which hoped they would choose a conservative and hasten their own demise.

To be honest I actually think that the choice of the new Pope may have been a clever and enlightened one from a Catholic perspective. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is not only the first Non European Pope, he is also surprisingly the first Jesuit Pope. He is also the first to take the name Francis; one of the Catholic faith’s most popular and untainted saints. As a person he seems to have lived a more humble and uncorrupted life than many of his fellow cardinals. He is a conservative on social issues but he is pro-poor and pro social justice. I doubt if he will be much of a reformer, but he may have the qualities to be a uniter.

The Catholic Church has made some history this year in more ways than one.

I still don’t know what I should wish him. Perhaps, considering the number of lives that will be touched by what he says and does I wish him true enlightenment and wisdom. Also, given that his duties and responsibilities are certainly unenviable, I wish him good health.

I truly hope that Catholicism and Christianity as a whole is taking it’s last gasping breaths. Even so, in such times people of real character can emerge. If that proves to be the case I hope I will respect him as a person even though I disagree completely with his religious, moral and philosphical stance.

Being Full Of Yourself

Vanity by John Waterhouse

I have sometimes been criticised for being “a bit too full of myself”. By which I suppose people mean that I seem over confident and opinionated. Or perhaps they mean that I am vain and conceited. I will concede that all of those things can be true although I hope I don’t get the balance wrong too often. I suppose I do think that I am important and that my opinions matter; if that were not the case I wouldn’t waste my time sharing my opinions on the internet. Yet there is a pervasive attitude in society which makes us believe it is somehow wrong to place ourselves first and that being too full of ourselves inevitably leads to extreme selfishness and other nasty character traits.

So for me there was always a dilemma. I do genuinely care very much about other people and the good of society as a whole, but I can’t deny that I also care very much about myself. Perhaps that is why I was drawn to a so called Left Hand spiritual path; indeed Satanism may well be the most well known Left Hand Path of all.

I am not going to describe in depth all the differences between left and right hand spiritual paths (a quick google search or visit to my other blog may help clarify if you want further information) but it is fair to say that emphasis on the self is one of the main distinguishing features of the Left Hand Path, whereas the Right Hand Path tends to be more outward looking. I did not choose to follow a Left Hand Path just as an excuse to be selfish however; I chose this path as a way to be better balanced and make “being full of myself” a more positive and productive aspect of my personality.

As time has gone by I have come to believe that the differences between LHP and RHP are not as great as might first appear.

Some of the main criticisms often levelled against followers of the left hand path is that it’s focus on the self can lead to extreme selfishness, narcissism, amoral and anti-social behaviour. All of these things can occur if focus and balance are lost. And it is fair to say that those who have a tendency to anti-social behaviour of various types might be drawn to left hand paths under the mistaken belief that such paths somehow justify their unpleasant characteristics.

On the other hand it could be said that right hand paths don’t emphasise the self enough and can encourage unworldly dreamers who cannot cope with everyday reality into meaningless activities which have no real benefits for themselves or anybody else. In short they can become like opiates which lead to nothing but waste and entropy.

There are dangers in the extremes and misunderstandings of both paths. I think however there is a point of balance where both paths have a lot in common and where genuine progression both for the individual and wider society is possible. For those on the LHP I think that point comes with the realisation that the good of the self depends to a large degree on the nature and health of the wider community. For those on the RHP I think that point comes when you realise the individual is ineffective in helping the wider community unless the individual is strong and balanced in his/herself.

Once that point of balance is realised, both pathways can be equally beneficial both to the individual and to society as a whole. In fact there maybe far more similarities than differences from that point on.

In conclusion, I hope I am full of myself in a positive and balanced way. Of course I am not perfect; there are times when I might well be vain or conceited. Hopefully however it will increasingly mean that I am a “whole” person who is well equipped to be happy and successful in my own life and play a positive and constructive role in the wider community.

My Goddess And My God

Hathor And Satan

Unlike some, I don’t set aside a special time for religious observance. Spirituality is an integral part of my life which informs all I do, say or think. But there are of course times when I feel more or less spiritual than others. This past weekend I  felt the presence of my Goddess and my God particularly strongly and  I felt the need to acknowledge the presence of them both in my continuing spiritual journey. The following post is adapted from an entry in my other blog.

I come to Satanism from a polytheistic pagan background and perspective (and certainly not as a response to or rebellion against Christianity. Ultimately I believe there is one overriding creative and sustaining force in the universe. The word “one” in this context does not really do justice to the idea I am trying to convey, since this one thing is huge, eternal and multi faceted. I believe this creative force manifests in many ways. Like Pantheists I believe divinity is present in all of nature, but as a theist I see the various aspects of divine personality most clearly manifested as the archetypal “Gods” of various religions.

As human beings we are drawn to the Gods that we most easily relate to, or from whom we have the most to learn in this lifetime. Personally I also see the Universal Force as a complementary, male female duality. Thus for me it is important to have both male and female representations of divinity at the centre of my spiritual life.

Hathor (Het Hert) is an ancient Egyptian deity who has been my matron deity for a long time. I find her both ancient and modern. She is a passionate, flirtatious maiden, a patron of love, sex, music and dance. As a mother she is extremely nurturing and protective and in her crone stage she bridges the gap between life and death, helping souls in their progression to whatever comes next. Parts of her persona were later attributed to Isis and the Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus also borrow much from the cult of Hathor. It is probable that the Golden Cow Goddess that the Israelites started worshiping while Moses was taking his tablets, may have been a version of Hathor.

When I first felt drawn to Satan as the archetypal Horned God of nature known in Paganism, and Lucifer the bringer of light and wisdom; one of my main concerns was how it would impact and affect my relationship with Hathor. She has long been my inspiration, my guide and comforter; and I didn’t want anything to compromise that. So far I must say that relationship has not been diminished at all, indeed it may have been strengthened. I believe that in her wisdom Hathor understands my need to have a strong male presence for balance at the core of my spirituality. Moreover, I think she may have guided me towards Satan as the perfect complement to her influence.

Where Hathor is pure female energy, Satan is raw masculinity and it has been invigorating to feel that energy around me. Hathor’s way is full of charm and subtlety, while Satan seems to be much more up-front and direct. They are both very life affirming. They both represent the dignity and positive effects of sex and sensual pleasure and the wisdom of enjoying life as fully as one is able to. They both abhor prudishness and false morality. Hathor is perhaps a little more patient and forgiving while Satan may be rather more aggressive by nature. Both of them encourage people to learn, grow and become all they are capable of being. And despite what others may say, I believe that Satan and Hathor both have strong morals based on what is truly best for the planet and for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

So, why do I call myself a Satanist and not a Hathorist? Well to be honest that might change as I learn and grow. But for now the simple truth is there is no particular religion or philosophy dedicated to Hathor, while to Satan there is. Hathor was one of the principle deities of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, but while there were certainly local cults devoted to her, she was in essence just one of the many Goddesses that Egyptians worshiped within their complicated and diverse religion. I came to Hathor as an individual Goddess and, while I respect the culture in which her influence grew, I don’t claim to believe or worship in the style of the ancient Egyptians.

Satan does have a present and modern religion or philosophy associated with him, and it would be stupid to ignore it. But it has many branches and sub-divisions so I don’t claim to follow or believe all the multitude of things that are associated with Satanism; I doubt if many Satanists do. Satanism is very individual which is part of it’s attraction to me. It would be easy to call myself anything other than a Satanist to avoid the confusion, judgement and prejudice the use of his name often engenders. I call myself a Satanist out of respect to Him, as a sign that I am willing to learn from him and that I do not go along with the many falsehoods and slanders that have besmirched his name over time.

The word worship is often wrongly used or misunderstood. I do not bow down and submit my will to either of my Gods (they would not want that anyway), but I do acknowledge their worth and their importance in my life. I hope I don’t sound religious, I would hate that! But there are moments when you want to give your friends a name-check and thank them for their help. This is one of those times.

Pascal’s Wager in Reverse


“Pascal’s Wager” is the name given to an argument by french mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal for believing, or for at least taking steps to believe, in God. By “God” he meant the God of Christianity. The argument goes something like this; paraphrasing… “If God exists  then by following him and living as his scriptures dictate you stand to gain everything. If you don’t follow him you will ultimately lose everything. If God doesn’t exist, you may not gain anything by following him but you have nothing to lose by doing so. So the safe bet; the one in which you stand to gain the most and lose the least is to live as if God does exist.”

Well I like Pascal but I don’t agree with his reasoning in this case. While I’m not an atheist myself I can think of all sorts of atheistic counter arguments; not least being that it would be a complete waste of your life to follow a doctrine you don’t believe in or agree with and not do the things you really want to do, just out of fear that the Christians might be right after all. That would remove all authenticity from your life.

I have my own argument in response to Pascal. Now I am a Pagan, an eclectic Satanist in fact, and I don’t believe in Christian myth, theology or doctrine at all. However, for the sake of argument let’s assume that I am wrong and that Christianity is largely true. I die, judgement day comes and I am slightly surprised, confused and agitated to find myself in front of the Perlly Gates awaiting judgement. The Christian God asks what I have to say for myself before judgement is passed?

“Well,” I reply a little nervously, “I’m really sorry but I just wasn’t convinced by you or your Church during my life. As a result I disobeyed many of your rules, did all sorts of sinful things which I have to confess I thoroughly enjoyed at the time.  I practiced witchcraft, I honored and prayed to other Gods including your arch enemy Satan. I probably lead several other people astray too. All I can say is, it felt right at the time. On the other hand I can honestly say that I always tried to be a kind and helpful person. I did what I could to help the poor, the sick and the underprivileged. I supported a lot of good causes and did a little bit to protect animals, the planet and it’s environment.”

Now the Christian God might respond in two ways. He might say “To hell with you! Your good deeds don’t count at all. You are full of sin and you allied yourself with Satan. Off you go!”

In which case I would think “Well I am glad I followed Satan rather than such an arrogant, jealous and unforgiving entity like you. I lived my life honestly and what little good I may have done, I did for genuine reasons and not just to get into the exclusive heaven club. If there is really suffering in hell that is bad but it is also unjust. Moreover at least I am likely to have better company there with people I respect whose good works were not done just to guarantee entry into an exclusive heaven.”

Alternatively the Christian God might say, “Hey I am nowhere near as nasty as some of my followers make me out to be, and I know you have a good heart despite the mistakes you have made. You are welcome here anytime you want!”

In which case I will think, “Oh, that’s nice and perhaps I will have a peep inside and see what the membership benefits really are. But I am still pleased that I was true to myself in life and tried to do what I thought was right at the time without denying myself the many pleasures that being alive can involve.”

For me the safest wager is to be kind and helpful when appropriate and to live as fully and authentically as possible while in possession of this gift of life.