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Eight Years Of Corruption

Well, this particular blog has been completely dormant for about a year meaning I haven’t posted here in that time. I have been posting in Devil’s Advocates a bit more regularly but have a been a bit lapse there as well. However I got a notification from WordPress that it is eight years since I started blogging here and thought this might be a good time for a status update and some thoughts on where I and my writing are going from here.

Eight years does not seem long at all when you say it; but it is fair to say that my life has changed almost entirely in that time. My first post on this blog (which was called “Cassie Being Cassie” at that time) began by parodying Brigit Jones Diary and making reference to my then boyfriend and to the fact that I was an eclectic pagan witch. I had to cringe while reading it back to myself as it now seems like a very young and innocent version of the person I have become. https://justcassie.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/5/

There are some who would certainly use the word corruption to describe the process of growth I have been through in the intervening time; but I would prefer to use the terms enlightenment and maturation. For those who haven’t been following my blogs, the short version of the last eight years is that I became a Satanist, got a girlfriend, moved to Switzerland, adopted a daughter, had several promotions at work and wound up being leader of an independent Satanic coven.

“Cassie Being Cassie” changed to “Sophie and Cassie-Not Safe For Work” after Sophie and I got together. We have kept the blog going intermittently since then. At first it was a mixture of our philosophical and spiritual thoughts and opinions (we are both Satanists), quite a lot of sexual content and reblogs of things we liked on the blogs we followed. As time went by we moved most of the Satanic stuff to our other main blog “Devils Advocates”, and this blog was kept for reblogs and occasional musings on our sexual tastes and fetishes and thoughts on sex and gender politics. As more time passed our daughter came of age and became a Satanist herself, contributing to Devil’s Advocates and starting her own blog.

So where are we now, and what does the future hold? Well, more specifically, where am I now… (Sophie and Tina will speak for themselves later).

After a nervous first few months, Satanism became the cornerstone of my life and my world. I am not going to say much more about it here beyond this paragraph except to give an indication of the direction I am going in at the end of this post. I concede that my views and lifestyle are considered to be evil by many people. I think they are wrong in many ways but I don’t run away from the label as I once did. If Satan is evil, then so am I. I have given up all my previous ideas about morality which I now see as a purely subjective and unscientific concepts in the first place. I live by Satanic will and imperatives alone. I am not good. I have no desire to be anything other than honest to myself and my own wants and needs. I understand that what I have just said can sound very selfish and shallow to the uninitiated; but it really isn’t, and I have explained that more than enough in various blog entries. I am happy in my own skin and that is what matters. Still, as leader of a coven and as a relatively well known Satanist I hope I can continue to be a positive example of what modern Satanism is. Further thoughts specifically about Satanism will be continued in Devil’s Advocates and “another project…”

Musings about sex played quite a large part in this original blog and continued when Sophie joined in. It is still something I think about quite a lot because I enjoy it and it seems to be something that society as a whole is often conflicted about in ways that make me wonder how “civilized” or mature our species really is on this (and many other matters)! Sophie and I live by our own rules. Finding each other has probably been the biggest blessing in our lives and our relationship continues to be defined by very passionate love for each other. But we are both bisexual, or perhaps omnisexual as modern terminology catches up with the reality of people’s varied sexual tastes and experience. We have sex with each other and with others, sometimes together and sometimes separately. I have always thought that sex frequently has spiritual dimensions and overtones and I still firmly believe and experience that. However, I’m not ashamed to say I sometimes just like an adventurous or satisfying fuck and that could be with a man or a woman or any combination thereof! Sophie and I have always liked experimenting and we both enjoy various aspects of BDSM. We like porn too. We have our own tastes which for myself I like to think of as sophisticated and refined, but that includes some things which others might describe as hardcore. I do have a problem with porn though. Ideally porn and prostitution should be empowering to all involved; that includes the consumers and those who pose for pictures or provide sexual services. But it is naive to assume it always is that way. I do my best to avoid anything where there is a suspicion that anyone has been forced or coerced into taking part or where they have been filmed without their knowledge or consent. I’m sure however I have sometimes derived pleasure from porn that was not made in a way I would approve of and that makes me uncomfortable. I am thinking of joining or even starting some organisations that try to keep sex workers safe and increase respect for their profession; while at the same time reducing the sense in which prostitution and pornography are views as inherently bad or wrong. As long as meaningful consent and real choice are involved, I think erotica and all those who work in the sex industry are healthy and deserving of more respect than they normally get.

As I approach what some would call middle age, I am more comfortable in and with my (now heavily inked) body than ever before. And I hope and wish that all my regular readers will continue to enjoy the sexual aspect of their lives in whatever way satisfies them for a long time to come.

Looking to the future… In terms of my work-life I am now a senior manager in my company and have ideas and plans for improving my own prospects as well as those of my colleagues and the company itself. It will mean working even harder, but I have never been afraid of that. This should bring financial and material rewards for Sophie and I and we are thinking about moving home although staying in Switzerland. I am also going to apply for Swiss citizenship now that Britain seems obsessed with the national suicide that is called Brexit.

I also want to make time to concentrate on several writing projects I have in mind. I always wanted to invest more in writing but have often struggled to fit it in between all my other activities. I have now decided to make my writing ambitions a bit more concrete and hopefully my experience in blogging over the past eight years will be an advantage in that. One of my writing projects will be a semi-autobiographic book about Satanism which has been at the back of my mind for a number of years. I am also working on ideas for travel articles, and novels exploring sex and relationships in a way that I have always wanted to read. I have a few science fiction and fantasy ideas as well. In order to give myself some time for all those projects I am going to step back from blogging. I’m not going to say I won’t contribute at all to our blogs in future; if I have something I want or need to say I will do so…

Our blogs will not stop though. Sophie and Tina (who is now a thoughtful and enthusiastic Satanic woman in her own right) will continue with Devil’s Advocates and Smokers Writes, and may even continue to post here from time to time.

We are a strong family trio, with fingers in many pies, and our story will continue…


Thank You David Bowie


There will be many tributes written to David Bowie today. This is just our small thank you.

David, thank you for being a major landmark in the landscape of our lives. In truth we were not your most devoted fans. We didn’t buy all of your records. We didn’t know all of your songs. But since we first started listening to music, buying music, going to gigs and hanging out with bands; you were always there in the background. You were a common point of reference in conversations with many people we have loved and admired. You were an inspiration to artists and musicians around the world and you will remain so. Your music and style touched us and almost everybody we knew. You were a ground breaker and the doors you pushed open made it easier for many to go through. You traveled your life with courage and originality which will continue to inspire. According to most accounts we are aware of, you were also a gentleman, kind to those you loved and generous to those who you could help and encourage. And finallly you left this world with dignity, an artist to the end.

If we had lived in a world that had not been graced by David Bowie, Cassie and I would have had much more difficulty in living our lives as we choose to. Virtually all aspects of our lifestyle would have generated controversy, resistance and hostility. The doors you pushed open made it much easier for people like us to live fully and authentically.

Thank you David Bowie. You are a star man. Always will be.


My introduction to kinkier sex




Cassie and I have decided to speak candidly about aspects of our sex lives here. She has already explained some of the reasons why, and there are others which we won’t go into. One thing we haven’t mentioned yet however and which we may explain more fully sometime is that we both feel that sex is a gateway into the psychology of ourselves and others. It is a way to know and express yourself in a unique way. It can be both therapy and the deepest pleasure. With that in mind I will continue. I will admit I am a bit shy of exposing this much of myself publically but I will try…

I was was a nice girl. Good at school. Polite. Well behaved. And perhaps I still carry some of those aspects with me, but I also had a darker side, a part of me that wanted to go against the grain of how people saw me. I think I looked younger and more innocent than I felt I was. I was well educated and had a pretty singing voice, so I rather liked swearing and smoking so much my voice became deep and husky. My skin was clear and in good condition so I was keen to cover it in tattoos. I was pretty and nice and kind and expected to settle down with a nice boy so I slept around and went looking for the bad boys although actually the ones I found weren’t really bad at all. Part of this was just typical teenage rebellion, but partly I was trying to find and be my true self.

In my early sex life I think I sacrificed deeper more meaningful relationships for more experience of sex. I didn’t admit it, even to myself. I played the part of the nice girlfriend but always found reason to dump the nice boys. They were lovely, I could genuinely speak for hours about how nice they were. But sexually they didn’t satisfy me. A few of them experimented with padded hand-cufs and that got me interested for a few moments; but they didn’t know what they were doing.

Then I had my first girlfriend. That was different. That was very nice at first. She was a little older and wiser than me and I liked that. But even she ultimately disappointed me in bed. We split up when I was twenty and I went several months without a lover. I even stopped masterbating, I thought I had devoted too much time and energy to sex and should concentrate more on my studies and making platonic friends and being nice to my family. And then I met the man we shall call Thomas.

Thomas was exactly twice my age. He had been married. He was an artist and musician. He knew things. He had life experience. He swept me off my feet. The first time we slept together I knew I was dealing with somebody totally different to anybody I had been with before and that excited me. Even that first time he did things that none of my other lovers had ever dared. I knew from then it was going to be an education.

One of the things that impressed me in the early days with Thomas was that he was genuinely interested in what turned me on and took the trouble to find out. Not only in the bedroom itself; he took me shopping. We went to various sex shops, places I had never been to before. We bought various toys and magazines and most importantly for me at the time I bought a new sex wardrobe. I experimented with lace and leather and rubber. I began to learn for myself what I felt sexy in and how dressing up could add spice to our sexual antics.

He took the lead in matters of sex. I was happy with that because in most previous relationships I was always somehow in control. It was good to play a more submissive part but over a few months it became clear that I was not just being the more submissive of the two… He was the Dom and I was the Sub; fully and truly. I read up about it. I played my part well. I enjoyed it. And ever more elaborate forms of bondage came to play an increasing part in our sex games.

He was good with ropes and knots. After some experiments we found different ways to bind me that were tight and controlling but not too uncomfortable. I don’t enjoy being bound so tightly that it burns or hurts although I do sometimes like there to be some marks afterward. What came to be our favourite position saw me bound in a crouching or kneeling position on the floor or on the bed or a table with my hands tied behind my back. The finishing touch was fixing a ball gag in my mouth… I am an articulate person in three languages; not being able to speak any of them was frightening, and yet exciting. All I could do was grunt and moan and very quickly I would be drooling uncontrollably. I felt like I was being reduced to my most basic, animalistic self. Sophie with all education and sophistication removed and with only the primal instinct to fuck remaining. And then he would have his way with me, often making me wait, teasing and deriding me. Sometimes he spanked me with his hands or with paddles, sometimes he would tickle me with a riding whip or whip me harder like a disobedient horse. By this time I would be desperate to feel his cock inside me, and I didn’t mind where; but again he would make me wait until I almost couldn’t bare it. When he was pleased with me, he would release my gag just before he came and I would take him in my mouth  in a frenzy like a beggar who hasn’t eaten for months.

After some months of this I think I was beginning to worry about the psychological effect this kind of sex was having on me. I was enjoying it, in fact I would say I was getting addicted to it; but it was also making me question who I was, and indeed my value as a person beyond sex. And then he suggested that we change roles…

For me to play the dominant one was such a change in our sex life and in our whole relationship that I must admit I was very bad at it at first. I felt very nervous and insecure. But in surreal conversations over breakfast and at the supermarket, Thomas made it clear he wanted me to keep trying. And so I did.

The key once again was to go shopping… As Thomas was keen, he let me use his credit card and I went to a sex and lingere shop where I kitted myself out in the most extreme, badass dominatrix attire I could buy, complete with tassels, sharp studs and high heeled boots. Getting dressed in it helped me to get into character; or perhaps more honestly to find the hardcore dominatrix bitch within me.

Thomas didn’t like extreme pain which was just as well because I wouldn’t have felt comfortable inflicting that on him. My tastes include some aspects of S&M, but only to a limited degree. What Thomas did like though was to be totally dominated and to some degree humiliated. During the peak of this phase of our relationship a typical scene would go something as follows:-

After dinner I would order him to go and have a shower and return to the living room naked. By the time he returned I would have dressed up and we would both fully assume our roles. I would make him kneel in front of me and walk around him, inspecting the goods and chastising him sternly. He was not allowed to reply unless I gave him permission, and if he did speak out of turn I might use my riding whip across his buttocks…

“You didn’t wash behind your ears… You dirty boy… Yes, I called you a boy…” Slash! Whip!

Sometimes I would sit on his back and pretend to ride him like a horse, or rather…

“Bad doggie! Go faster doggie!”

While riding him I would expose my fanny and rub it up and down along his back while gently massaging his buttocks or lightly whipping them. Then I would order him to lick me but he was not allowed to get off his hands and knees so he could only lick my boots and my stockings. Then…,

“Bark!” I would order, “Bark like a real dog! Bark louder! No! Not woof, woof; you imbecile! Howl! howl like an animal… Go on that’s better… Now look, the door is opening… Your mother is there… She can see you for the animal you are! Oh look, there is your boss! What does he think of you now? Bark! Howl! Go on! You are not a person you are an animal… A really stupid animal!”

“You want to fuck me don’t you? You want to fuck me like an animal! Well you can’t. I want a man, not a pathetic little boy who thinks he’s a dog! I want a real man, not a stupid creep like you! Stand up… Stand up now!”

Then he would sheepishly stand up straight. I would walk around him, stroking and prodding him fairly gently with the tip of my whip, finally focusing my attention on his erect penis. Eventually I would take his cock in my hand and begin to work, pulling and massaging, gently at first but ever more vigorously. All the time I would berate him in various ways, telling him he was not good enough for me or for anybody. Some of the insults could be quite deep and hurtful based on things I knew he was sensitive about. At the same time I would begin to squeeze the base of his cock and all around his balls; not quite actual torture but far more than playful. And then just when he was about to explode with cum I would stop completely and give him tasks to do.

“Sing me a song!”

“Dance for me.”

“Pour me a drink!”

“Light my cigarette!”

“If you cum before I have finished this cigarette, that’s it for tonight. We don’t speak until morning and you can sleep on the sofa!”

And that was it really. I’d leave him standing there, aching for sex but being denied it until I was quite ready and he was ready to explode. I would then give him precise instructions about how I wanted him to fuck me and if he carried them out exactly we would both be satisfied, and if not I would punish him with the whip and an early end to the “session”.

I enjoyed it for a while, for quite a few months even. I was fascinated and slightly disturbed to explore this darker side of my persona. But ultimately I got bored. My initial attraction to Thomas was based on the fact that he was the experienced one and I could trust him to take control while I was the more inexperienced and submissive one. But he could never go back to that. Once he had discovered Sophie the dominatrix that was all he ever wanted me to be. But I knew I couldn’t be happy just playing that one role and only expressing the darker more controlling side of myself. So we split up. I had grown a lot. He hadn’t.

Well, I’ll stop there. Writing these things down does make me think and re-examine things. It is a kind of therapy I guess. Since that time I have had a lot of long and short term relationships; not all of them so intense. After Thomas I knew I had it within me to be both the total sub or the total Dom. But often neither extreme is necessary. One of the reasons Cassie and I get on so well is that we are quite similar in that respect. But I will leave it to her to say more. It is her turn next.

Bringing Up Children


While I suppose many aspects of my lifestyle are a bit unconventional, on the subject of bringing up children I think my views are quite conservative. I had quite a strict upbringing. There were rules of behaviour within our home which I was obliged to keep to. I remember there being limits on how much TV I could watch and what time I should go to bed. There were places I was allowed to play and places I wasn’t. I had to eat my meals at set times and at least try to eat everything on the plate. More importantly I was supposed to behave correctly and politely at school and at home especially when we had guests. My parents never hit me or slapped me; they didn’t need to. Their word was law. If I got into trouble at school I was mortified because I knew my parents would be disappointed in me (and that was punishment in itself). I can honestly say it never occurred to me to be rude to teachers or to guests at home.

I was not a “goodie-goodie” child. I used to get into trouble for talking to much, for being messy and sometimes lazy, for being late, for forgetting my homework, and occasionally for doing things which were just silly or outright dangerous. But on the whole, I was well behaved.

When I did something wrong, the most serious actual punishment I can remember was being sent to my room or loosing privileges such as pocket money, sweets or cake. Mostly though, my parents just had authority which I didn’t question, backed up with rewards when I did something particularly good.

As a result of this upbringing I generally did well at school and was well liked by the people around me; this won me privileges and respect. I seemed to mature a little faster than some of my peers and because I was generally well behaved and sensible, my parents trusted me in my teenage years and I was actually allowed a lot more freedom and independence at that stage than most of my friends.

These days, while I may be a bit unconventional, I am a confident, happy and, I believe, quite successful person. I attribute all of this to my fairly strict upbringing.

As  teacher I am occasionally appalled by the behaviour of some of the students I have to teach. I generally don’t blame them, but I do wonder what their parents have been playing at. I think most of my students would describe me as a fun teacher despite the fact that I also tend to be very strict about the standard of work and behaviour I expect (and sometimes demand) from them. I do think children need and respect boundaries; and once those have been firmly established lessons can be very relaxed and a lot of fun.

I dislike being around badly behaved children…. Children screaming and causing a fuss in supermarkets while their parents do nothing to stop them. Children shouting and swearing in the street even if their parents are beside them… Children misbehaving in restaurants, on planes and trains and in other public places while their parents ignore them and carry on as if nothing was wrong… So in fact it is not really the children that I object to but the lack of control and perhaps “care” demonstrated by their parents.

Of course as a teacher and fairly experienced adult I know that some children have behavioural problems which are not the fault of their parents. Some children are predisposed to be naughty and disobedient and others have more profound psychological problems. But still, I don’t think all the bad behaviour I see every day can be the result of ADHD or other such disorders. I think there is an awful lot of bad parenting going on.

However I am not a parent, and I recognise (with some degree of sadness) that there are many aspects of parenthood that I am not really qualified to comment on or judge. But my situation is changing…

My girlfriend has a nine year old daughter, and while she will never be my daughter she certainly has become part of my family and my maternal instincts are very much engaged. For somebody as inexperienced as me at taking care of my own children, Tina is a gift! She is so well behaved that on the rare occasion that I have to even slightly chastise her, I feel much more uncomfortable about it than she does. The key is that she has already been very well brought up. Sophie is as strict with her as my parents were with me and so she is a very polite, respectful and intelligent girl. More importantly, because bad behaviour is never an issue we can go to places and do lots of fun things as a family that otherwise would not be possible. I am sure that Tina will mature early (she already is doing) and become a happy, confident and independent young women. As a test for my parenting instincts she is almost too easy!

When I first met Sophie and realised that my life was going to go in a very unexpected direction, my broodiness stopped for a while and I gave up all ambitions to have a child of my own. Having spent a lot of time with Tina recently however, I realised that my broodiness was just on hold and I am very much in the “Mother” phase of life. Rather than write a long essay on the subject I will just say that I feel like a very different person now than I did even a couple of years ago and I am happy to feel more like a mother than a teenager. But the body clock has started ticking loudly again.

Sophie and I have discussed all this at length and I have come to the conclusion that just because I am in a lesbian relationship does not mean it is impossible to have a child of my own. There are all sorts of ways and means, and we are starting to actively look into them… And I am excited.

I would love to have the privilege of binging up my own child according to my own values. And I am sure if it happens my more strident views on good parenting will be challenged!

But anyway… That’s the plan.

Oh and just in case some very pretty young Swiss eyes should happen to read this post at some point… Even if I have my own son or daughter one day; Tina will always be an incredibly special part of my family… a little bit like a daughter and a lot like a friend. And I love her as much as I love her Mummy. xx


I have written about this subject before several times and I don’t think I am writing anything here that is particularly new from me. However, going by the tags and phrases that draw people to my blog it is something that people are interested in. Moreover it is a subject that seems to have become topical lately.

This week in the UK a conservative politician came out as being bisexual. It provoked some discussion on talk radio and newspapers; most of which seemed unusually frank and honest. During the last few weeks I have also read various blog articles discussing bisexuality. Perhaps the topic i in vogue… Much of the discussion has centred on the fact that the “B” in LGBT has often been ignored.

My own perception is that bisexuals are often ignored or marginalised by both heterosexuals and homosexuals. We are the ones who are either greedy sex maniacs or pathetic individuals who just can’t make up our minds. In my time I have met a few men who presumed my bisexuality was their golden key to wild threesomes and I’ve met a few women who thought I just didn’t have the self confidence or honesty to come out as a lesbian.

I am now in a very happy relationship with another woman. We love each other, we have serious future plans together and we have great sex with each other. But neither of us are lesbians. We are both attracted to both genders, indeed we have both had more relationships with men than women. Our bisexuality is one of the things that bonds us and I seriously doubt that our relationship would be the same or would work at all if either one of us were a lesbian.

Bisexuals are bisexuals. We are not failed heterosexuals or closet homosexuals. We are as attracted to both sexes as as strongly as gays are attracted to people of the same sex and straights are attracted to the opposite sex.

Bisexuality is our normality. I have never known what it is like not to be attracted to both genders (and I wouldn’t want to).

Bisexuals are as individual as any other group in the sexual spectrum. Some of us have a lot of sex. Some have very little. Some of us are quite promiscuous, some of us aren’t. Some of us are monogamous in relationships while others are more open and poly-amorous. Some are sexually conservative while others have more kinky tastes. The uniting factor is simply that we can be attracted to both men and women.

I have always seen bisexuality as a blessing. I certainly wouldn’t want to be any other way. I don’t feel that I personally have really been discriminated against or seriously abused because of my bisexuality, but some have been. We do have some of our own issues and needs. There can be complications bisexuals face which others don’t. But I don’t want to over emphasise that. Overall I think our bisexuality gives us an understanding and a flexibility in many aspects of life that others sometimes lack. What I do think we have been victims of as a group is not being taken seriously. Perhaps that is beginning to change.

Cassie And Sophie


Just over a year ago the local teacher I was working with in Switzerland took me out after school for a few drinks. In the car on the way back to my hotel we kissed for the fist time. I never went back to the hotel. A year later we are still together. Moreover, despite the fact that we live far away from each other, I have never felt so close to anther human being. The word love seems so childish and insignificant to describe my feelings for her. We have been making future plans together lately. I realised it would seem unnatural to make any plans which didn’t include her now.

Long distance relationships can be very testing and my one regret about the last year is that we weren’t able to spend as much time together as we wanted. And yet I have never had any doubt that we are a couple now. In fact I have never been so sure about anybody. There has hardly been a day that we haven’t skyped or phoned each other and the times that we were actually in each other’s arms were amazing.

But things are changing. During the next few months we have arranged our schedules so that we can be together a lot more; whether in England or Switzerland. I am really excited and looking forward to that. And beyond that we now have real plans to live together permanently.

I met Sophie at a time when there was a lot of sadness and insecurity in my life. Things that I don’t talk about often… She has given me strength and comfort when I needed it and boosted my confidence to be the person I want to be.

It is odd, I still don’t really feel like I’m a lesbian, neither of us do; but loving her fully doesn’t leave any gaps. She is the person I want to grow old together with (although we’re going to have a lot of fun being young first)!

I have never believed in the “Two become One” idea. I think a relationship should be about two individuals not loosing themselves in each other but becoming more of themselves because of each other. Sophie makes me a better and more complete person and I hope I have the same effect on her.

Cassie and Sophie are two very different individuals who just happen to compliment each other perfectly.

And we love each other immensely.




GLBT Rights

Earlier this week I reblogged a post about the hearings at the American Supreme Court which may (or may not) finally establish the right of homosexuals to get married and to be seen as fully equal under the law.

Meanwhile there has been a campaign at Facebook and other social media in which people have been replacing their own profile picture with variations of the above symbol in solidarity with people in the LGBT community, hoping for a fair and just outcome at the Supreme Court. I have done likewise. I am not convinced that such campaigns have much effect but sometimes it is better to do something rather than nothing.

I am not American so the result will have no direct baring on me. While I am bisexual I have never felt personally oppressed. I have no particular desire to get married actually whether to a man or a woman. So why should I or anybody else bother with this campaign?

The following poem by Martin Niemoller has always meant a lot to me.

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Actually spiritually and sexually I am I suppose in minority groups. I am fortunate enough to live in a society where I can be fairly (but not fully) open about such matters. Not everyone is so fortunate.

I hope one day we will live in a society where the colour of a person’s skin, their gender and their sexuality will be of no more importance than the colour of people’s eyes… A society with the wisdom to know that just as brown and blue eyes can be equally beautiful, so can all shades of skin colour and all varieties of adult sexuality and gender orientation.

Until then I will join campaigns and hope that those who are in the majority will increasingly get behind those who are in the minority.

And from a selfish point of view I hope that if my rights are ever trampled on there will be someone willing to stand up for me.