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Which way now?


We have been reposting a few posts we like here but other than that we are at a bit of a loss to know what to do with this blog at the moment.

In terms of writing we devote most of our creative energy to our Satanism blog, Devils Advocates. Being politically incorrect we also write about our unashamed enjoyment of smoking in Smokers Writes. We had intended this blog to be for anything that didn’t fit in either of those places with an emphasis on sexy or sex related posts. Well maybe that is still the case but while we are both hedonists who enjoy indulging in many forms of kink and sexuality, we are not actually sex writers… So there hasn’t been an awful lot to post recently. Moreover we don’t want to limit ourselves to just that.

We don’t want to close or permanently neglect this site though. It just seems that our other blogs and life outside the blogosphere are taking up all our time at the moment.

We are open to suggestions.

Meanwhile watch this space. Who knows what will emerge.

Cassie and Sophie

Six Years Old!


According to WordPress it is six years since I started this blog. A lot has happened and changed in six years!

Sophie and I have been writing this blog together for the last few years but she said this anniversary post should be by me. Below you can see my very first blog entry here. It makes me cringe a bit to read it now but I guess the person who made it is still a large part of the person I am. After that you can read a summery of our most popular posts with a few thoughts from me. the there are some nice and progressively naughty photos we have posted over the years. And then a few thoughts going forward.

So this was my first ever post. (I’ll blush in a corner while you read it).

Well I don’t intend to write something here every day but since I have half an hour spare and I want to put some meat on the bones of this blog I might as well write something while I’m sipping wine and smoking my last but one cigarette of the day…

The day started well. I woke up early and, well let’s say eagerly. Andy is staying over for a few days. We both travel a lot in our jobs and so the rare times we actually spend together are precious. Thus, the first few hours of the morning were, let’s say, energetic and satisfying! 😉 It left me with an energy buzz which, thankfully, has stayed with me through most of the day.

After Andy left to go off to a meeting in London,  I went round to my Mum’s. She wasn’t having a good day; very confused and forgetful and generally very frail. I took her for a walk and then cooked dinner for her. It worries me how much she depends on me and in a couple of weeks I’ll be working abroad for a couple of months again and I’m seriously concerned about how she will cope. I am trying to persuade her to get some help, but she is being very stubborn.

I am sure there are some who would think that if I am really a witch I should be able to do some quick magic spell to make her well again. I only wish life was that simple. That’s not to say I don’t try some things from time to time;- energy work mostly. However, in order to transfer positive and healthy energy to her I have to be careful not to absorb too much of her fear, frustration and depression. That is not so easy as I am an empath.

This afternoon I spent some time on my lap-top (mostly setting up this blog) and bullied Mum into going for another short walk for some fresh air. Then I stayed at her place watching TV untill she went to bed. Then I came home…

Andy will be back any minute and it will be nice to just snuggle for a while… Mind you I am hoping my last ciggie of the day will be a post coital one!

…I think I got my wish. Andy and I split up amicably not long after. It turns out that was my last serious relationship with a man. When I started this blog I described myself as bisexual and wrote quite a lot of posts on that topic. Now I guess I’m still bisexual but I identify more as a lesbian. Meeting Sophie and moving in with her has been one of the happiest and most significant changes of the last six years.

I’m still a witch but whereas I used to be quite passionately pagan, I am now even more passionately Satanist.

My mother’s deterioration and eventual death last year was the most difficult and saddest thing to bare during the last six years. It is something I am still coming to terms with.

Here is a list of our most popular posts according to WordPress.


I think it is significant and somewhat pleasing that The Accidental Lesbian comes in at the top of the list, it is the one post that encapsulates the biggest change in my persona during the past six years.

There are several posts about smoking in the list. In fact we were writing on that subject so often that we started a separate blog for it.

I’m glad Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men made it into the list as our most popular musical post. It is still my favourites song of the last decade and has all sorts of personal meanings to me.

And regular readers will not be at all surprised that most of the other posts in the list are about various aspects of sex and sexuality. Funnily enough I think the Cassie of six years ago would have found that quite surprising.

And here are a few photos that I like from the last six years.












Waterhouse Lady Of Shalott



Inked Girls Gallery 143 (7)






I am without doubt a darker and harder person than I was when this this blog began but I am far more secure and happier in my own skin.

My lover is my life partner. I have a daughter whom I love as much as if she had come from my own loins.

I don’t know what will happen to this blog in the months and years to come but the story of Cassie and Sophie will continue.

Dark And Beautiful

A collection of images and sentiments we find beautiful. Some are our own but most were collected from the web mostly on our Tumblr site. We have edited and photoshopped many of them but we are happy to give credit to the original artists and photographers if they make themselves known.

All beauty starts with the raw power of nature.


Beauty can be fragile and poisonous.


There is beauty in the knowledge that we are part of nature; not separate from it.


Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. (Ralph Waldo Emmerson)


Beauty is a talented woman like Amy MacDonald making music and living the life.


Knowing your own darkness is the best way of dealing with the darkness of others. (Carl Jung)


The beauty of working magic is powerful and often feared.


The beauty of hands is that they do the work of the brain and express the soul


Fingers can be elegant and expressive but they are designed to get dirty and be intimate.


There is great beauty in the unknown, the mysterious and the forbidden.



The beauty of skin on skin; of giving in to desire, of knowing where your touch will lead…


The beauty of trusting your lover with your soul.


The beauty of unashamed adult playfulness and letting go…


She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies; All that’s best of dark and light meet in her aspect and her eyes. (Lord Byron)


Beauty is a form of genius, is higher in fact as it needs no explanation. (Oscar Wilde)


Innocence has a passing ephemeral beauty but it has  a “sell by” date after which it becomes unattractive and rancid. What I desire for myself and those I love is the beauty that comes with knowledge and experience.







Tumblr Picks 2 Cassie’s Choice

Following on from our last post in which Sophie picked out some Tumblr posts she had chosen for me, here are some posts that I originally picked for Sophie. How we go about choosing such images was explained in the previous post. We are reposting them here as an insight into us and because it is fun. We have tried to stay within the parameters that are acceptable to WordPress (our actual Tumblr site is much more X rated) however, although the first few images here are quite tame and inoffensive there will be some that are certainly Not Safe For Work. If you are likely to be offended by images which have some sexual and/or Satanic content please do not linger. For for those who are still here,,, Enjoy!


We both love Autumn and Autumn scenes. It is a magical time of the year in every way. We don’t actually publish many of these kinds of scenes on our Tumblr blog because we generally go for naughtier things, but it is fair to say that this photo says as much about Sophie’s soul as some of the more specifically NSFW things.

2) image

We both like the imagery of people “wearing their horns”. In the privacy of our own home and out in the woods we have been known to dress up in a similar way for certain rituals. It is a symbol of what we stand for and how we have changed since becoming Satanists. It is also very much a link back to nature, a recognition of being human animals and identifying with the primal horned God of the forests.

3) image

Following on from the “Horns” theme, I chose the above image because it reminds me of our daughter. She has recently become a Satanist herself or to put it another way she has chosen to take a bite of the forbidden apple and we are very proud of her for doing do.

4) image


Sophie and I are both quite heavily inked and would admit that tattoos are one of our shared fetishes. We like the above image because of the contrast between the innocence and naturalism of the model and the tattoos she has. Very interesting and sexy.

5) image


I knew Sophie would like the above image because it is simply beautiful and classy. It also has some connection to the 20s theme I will explain later.

6) image


We are both fans of the artist Egon Schiele. Some people find his paintings of women brutal. We just find them honest and respectful and there is a lot of tenderness there too.



I chose this because it looks like, or could actually be Sophie on one of our naughtier Sunday breakfasts!

8) image


If I hadn’t chosen the above image for Sophie, she would have chosen it for me. We know each other’s tastes and we both find that image incredibly sexy.

9) image


One of the things we have found we have in common since we have been together is a taste for 1920s fashion and style. This shared enthusiasm has developed into quite a fetish.

10) image


Beautiful tattoos and a beautiful body; what else is there to say? Oh yes we both like red heads and while we can’t claim it is natural we have spent long chunks of our adult lives with red hair.

11) image


We have both always quite liked snakes, even before their symbolism took on new meaning for us. We are pretty good with spiders too now!

12) image


It’s the 20s theme again but this time combined with lesbianism and a slight reference to BDSM. Very us.



This is a still from a very sexy video clip I found. I am not going to explain every element of the symbolism here, but it has elements of satanic and magical ritual as well as obvious lesbian interest. Mostly it conveys the pleasure of letting go of conventions and allowing yourself to enjoy your true self. That sounds far too technical. Put it another way; Sophie and I cream our pants watching it!

Something New, Cassie &Sophie NSFW

Cassie & Sophie NSFW


The reason this blog may have unexpectedly popped up among those you are following although you don’t remember subscribing to it, is that it occupies the space that was once Cassie Being Cassie. That blog is finished although you should still be able to find all that was once posted there in the archives of this blog. The post before this one will explain why CBC finished.

We are two politically incorrect women who live together in Switzerland. We already have two blogs; Devils Advocates which is about Satanism and Smokers Writes which is about what the name implies. In this blog we want to write about anything else that comes into our heads which doesn’t specifically fit into our other blogs. We also want to use this as a place to reblog anything we find interesting.

In case you don’t know, NSFW means not safe for work, in other words this is an adult blog that will certainly discuss themes and may include imagery that is not meant for anybody under the age of 18 (and could be embarrassing to have on your monitor screen while you are working).

We will certainly discuss sex here. Probably quite a lot. If such things offend you, it is time to tune out. We are a bisexual/lesbian couple and advocates of GLBT rights so if those things make your blood boil, stay healthy and stay away. Our philosophy is Satanism, we are interested in the occult and we practice witchcraft and while we welcome intelligent and open minded conversation on those subjects we do not welcome insults or idiots so if that would be your intention don’t waste your time here. We drink, we smoke and we fuck. If anything in that last sentence upsets you, this is probably not a blog for you. We have eclectic tastes and views on art, music, culture and politics. If you don’t share those interests you are going to get bored here. And finally in case it wasn’t clear, this blog is for adults only so if you are not one of those please go away now. (Seriously, we’ll tell your mum!)

Is there anybody left???

If so, you are very welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay.

A Long Last Post

This is not the end of my blogging and certainly not the end of my writing, but it is the end of this blog. It is a slightly bitter sweet moment for me. Bitter because I have enjoyed writing Cassie Being Cassie and it has charted a significant period of my life. The actual process of writing this blog has helped me to reflect on my life and refine my opinions and in that way has helped me to grow as a person. I have also challenged myself as a writer to be honest and explore issues close to my heart. I don’t think I have become a great writer or even a great blogger but I have seen improvements or just changes which please me. This blog also became my gateway into the world of blogging through which I have come to read and know many great people from diverse backgrounds who continue to impress and influence me. I will continue to follow their blogs and I hope they may continue to follow my other projects.

Yet this is also a sweet moment because as an end it also marks a beginning and a point in my life where I know more clearly who and what I am and where I am going. And the fun part is I am not at all where and what I expected to be!

I started this blog as an experiment; a chance to write and express myself in a new way, a new medium. I had no idea how the blog would develop or what it would really be about. It was full of random thoughts and ideas. I had a vague notion that people might be interested to read about the everyday life of somebody who called themself a Pagan and a Witch. I thought others might be interested in my travels, I expected to write more about my musical and artistic interests than I actually did and, closer to the bone, I needed a place to occasionally talk about my mother’s losing battle with dementia. All of those subjects were indeed discussed but a quick look at the tags and subject headings I have used reveals there was a lot more about sex, sexuality and relationships than I had envisaged and that while remaining central to my lifestyle my spiritual path and life as a witch evolved quite a lot.

As my life went on and my blog evolved there were two events that stood out in terms of being life changing and altering the nature of this blog. The first of course was meeting Sophie. From the start of this blog I was open about being bisexual but even so, while I thought I might write about my sexual adventures with men and women as a single girl, I still fully expected to end up with a man and probably have children by now. Two years ago I met Sophie and all that changed.

Those who read my last blog entry will know that Sophie and I have now set up an apartment together in Zurich. It has been a busy time but very rewarding and I can say that without doubt in terms of love and sex I am in a totally different situation and mindset now. I am bisexual by nature, I couldn’t change that any more than I could change my blood group. However I no longer have any hesitation in saying that I am fully and unequivocally lesbian by choice. I love Sophie and feel loved by her more than I thought it possible to love and I truly hope the rest of my life will not be just Cassie being Cassie, but Cassie and Sophie living life together. I also love Sophie’s daughter and I cannot explain the depths of joy it gives me to be accepted as a significant person in her life. Having a child of my own would not give me any greater satisfaction. Sophie and I have talked about the possibility of me having a child… Of course there are ways in which it could happen… Just as obviously there have been times when I wanted to become pregnant and give birth to a child of my own. But for all sorts of reasons, not least being the beautiful family I already have, I have both decided and fully accepted that childbirth is one of life’s wonders that I will not experience in this lifetime. Sophie and Tina are more than enough for me and being Tina’s second Mum is as much a privilege as having a child of my own. I don’t want and do not intend to have any other children. Period.

The other big change in my life came to a head at about the same time I met Sophie and that was the change in spiritual direction; becoming a Satanist. I could have done that very secretly and privately and perhaps in terms of Satanic philosophy that would have made more sense. But since I was already publicly blogging about witchcraft and my pagan lifestyle it would have seemed dishonest and deceitful not to mention such a fundamental change in my perspective. Moreover I felt then and I still do that Satanism is a very misunderstood and badly represented religion and philosophy. For many people it will always be associated with evil and depravity. But it isn’t that and I found myself in a position to say so out loud…

I hesitated at first. In fact I deleted my original ” coming out as a Satanist” post. When I did talk about it publicly here I lost some followers and I lost some friends off line too. But I found new followers here and on my Devils Advocate blog, and made a lot more friends and connections in the Satanic community and amoung open minded people in general. I have no regrets. I admit that Satanism is as much a cause as a religion to me and I am prepared to be open and public about it in the hope that my small voice may challenge a few misconceptions. Part of the reason for bringing this blog to an end is so that I can concentrate what little writing time I have at the moment on my Devils Advocate blog. Quite simply, that is where my writing and spiritual priorities are.

Of course I am happy that Sophie has also become a Satanist and embraced it as fully as me. It makes some aspects of our life together easier and more fulfilling; but it was never inevitable and it was never a deal breaker. Even if she had remained a Buddhist or if I had remained a Pagan the most important thing is that we found each other.

I have no regrets about Cassie Being Cassie. I have no regrets about the aspects of my life I have shared with readers over the past few years. I have been brash. I have been naughty. I have been thoughtful. I have been silly. I hope I have been kind and helpful sometimes. I have had adventures. I have had affairs. I have had a few triumphs and made a few mistakes. I have tried to be honest and I have certainly been politically incorrect! And I have done all these things a bit publicly, albeit in front of a readership I have largely come to regard as friends.

But that was Cassie Being Cassie, or perhaps Cassie Being Single.

And now things have changed.

Above all things Sophie and Tina are my priorities now. I feel the need to draw more of a veil of privacy around my family as we move forward together. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me but our challenges and adventures from now on will be private and personal.

I do of course have some regrets about saying goodbye to this particular blog. I have recorded some memorable and interesting personal times here. The fact of blogging about some things was in itself cathartic and added to the memories and impressions of the last few years. I also appreciated the space to vent my views about everything from pornography to smokers rights, politics, travel, art and music. I think I will miss that a lot and may incorporate some of those types of post into my other blog.

I will continue to write about Satanism in Devils Advocate.

Sophie and I will continue to post erotica (Okay, porn!) art and Satanic imagery on our Tumblr site.

I can still be found under the name Cassie Wren on Facebook (although I rarely post there).

Sophie and I may start a new more obviously themed and less personal blog here at WordPress sometime in the future.

I will continue to follow all those bloggers I follow now; you all mean a lot to me.

I can actually remember the first post I wrote here. I was sitting in the living room of my Mum’s house hunched over my laptop. Mum was sitting in an armchair across from me watching the TV. In those days we could still talk to each other; she used to forget the occasional word and was lost when it came to computers or any new technology, but in most respects her dementia hadn’t really taken hold. She couldn’t understand what I was doing on the computer but we could still chat about the things that I guess most mothers and daughters discuss. I cherish those memories and the times of just being together. Then the dementia came in force and stole her from me in progressively large chunks. Now she is in a care home. She doesn’t know her own name, let alone mine.

I had always thought I would be with her til the end; that I could and should put my life on hold until hers was over. I went through changes and opportunities opened up. But I held back… Waiting…

Rightly or wrongly I have decided to stop waiting. In my head I know that is what she would have wanted, but my heart has been more difficult to convince.

As I move on with my new family I hope I can be somewhere near as good a mother to Tina as my Mum has been to me.

If you happen to pass by a collection box for Dementia research please put a few coins in the box. And meanwhile celebrate and enjoy every moment of healthy living you have.

Thank you for reading.

Cassie Being Cassie

The End.






Me in Memes

I don’t like or use facebook very much. Mostly I just share memes, legends and photos I like. Maybe however what I share says as much about me as what I write. Here are a few examples from the last few months.


1546393_10151890287490197_1090045628_n 312227_196884973794428_1449536734_n 421224_469896989753304_1942447076_n 540301_564802096910273_313370527_n 941968_556521454389347_511069742_n 984209_384810964968933_1851479303_n 992898_400742463375783_1230542082_n 1004061_400738340042862_140295121_n 1016681_616063101748038_1718161599_n


1380582_504394086324540_279147558_n 1381440_10151856778039471_1575066149_n 1392506_564528450267623_1920785689_n 1460202_377647899038329_1946279554_n 1461224_10151975294864471_1455167240_n 1499575_10151973671254471_689261957_n 1522306_586248274788258_2024934175_n 1524943_671661856188091_581569796_n


All the above images were circulated widely on facebook. I have no idea of the original accreditations but will be happy to give credit if the originators come forward or are pointed out.