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Eight Years Of Corruption

Well, this particular blog has been completely dormant for about a year meaning I haven’t posted here in that time. I have been posting in Devil’s Advocates a bit more regularly but have a been a bit lapse there as well. However I got a notification from WordPress that it is eight years since I started blogging here and thought this might be a good time for a status update and some thoughts on where I and my writing are going from here.

Eight years does not seem long at all when you say it; but it is fair to say that my life has changed almost entirely in that time. My first post on this blog (which was called “Cassie Being Cassie” at that time) began by parodying Brigit Jones Diary and making reference to my then boyfriend and to the fact that I was an eclectic pagan witch. I had to cringe while reading it back to myself as it now seems like a very young and innocent version of the person I have become. https://justcassie.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/5/

There are some who would certainly use the word corruption to describe the process of growth I have been through in the intervening time; but I would prefer to use the terms enlightenment and maturation. For those who haven’t been following my blogs, the short version of the last eight years is that I became a Satanist, got a girlfriend, moved to Switzerland, adopted a daughter, had several promotions at work and wound up being leader of an independent Satanic coven.

“Cassie Being Cassie” changed to “Sophie and Cassie-Not Safe For Work” after Sophie and I got together. We have kept the blog going intermittently since then. At first it was a mixture of our philosophical and spiritual thoughts and opinions (we are both Satanists), quite a lot of sexual content and reblogs of things we liked on the blogs we followed. As time went by we moved most of the Satanic stuff to our other main blog “Devils Advocates”, and this blog was kept for reblogs and occasional musings on our sexual tastes and fetishes and thoughts on sex and gender politics. As more time passed our daughter came of age and became a Satanist herself, contributing to Devil’s Advocates and starting her own blog.

So where are we now, and what does the future hold? Well, more specifically, where am I now… (Sophie and Tina will speak for themselves later).

After a nervous first few months, Satanism became the cornerstone of my life and my world. I am not going to say much more about it here beyond this paragraph except to give an indication of the direction I am going in at the end of this post. I concede that my views and lifestyle are considered to be evil by many people. I think they are wrong in many ways but I don’t run away from the label as I once did. If Satan is evil, then so am I. I have given up all my previous ideas about morality which I now see as a purely subjective and unscientific concepts in the first place. I live by Satanic will and imperatives alone. I am not good. I have no desire to be anything other than honest to myself and my own wants and needs. I understand that what I have just said can sound very selfish and shallow to the uninitiated; but it really isn’t, and I have explained that more than enough in various blog entries. I am happy in my own skin and that is what matters. Still, as leader of a coven and as a relatively well known Satanist I hope I can continue to be a positive example of what modern Satanism is. Further thoughts specifically about Satanism will be continued in Devil’s Advocates and “another project…”

Musings about sex played quite a large part in this original blog and continued when Sophie joined in. It is still something I think about quite a lot because I enjoy it and it seems to be something that society as a whole is often conflicted about in ways that make me wonder how “civilized” or mature our species really is on this (and many other matters)! Sophie and I live by our own rules. Finding each other has probably been the biggest blessing in our lives and our relationship continues to be defined by very passionate love for each other. But we are both bisexual, or perhaps omnisexual as modern terminology catches up with the reality of people’s varied sexual tastes and experience. We have sex with each other and with others, sometimes together and sometimes separately. I have always thought that sex frequently has spiritual dimensions and overtones and I still firmly believe and experience that. However, I’m not ashamed to say I sometimes just like an adventurous or satisfying fuck and that could be with a man or a woman or any combination thereof! Sophie and I have always liked experimenting and we both enjoy various aspects of BDSM. We like porn too. We have our own tastes which for myself I like to think of as sophisticated and refined, but that includes some things which others might describe as hardcore. I do have a problem with porn though. Ideally porn and prostitution should be empowering to all involved; that includes the consumers and those who pose for pictures or provide sexual services. But it is naive to assume it always is that way. I do my best to avoid anything where there is a suspicion that anyone has been forced or coerced into taking part or where they have been filmed without their knowledge or consent. I’m sure however I have sometimes derived pleasure from porn that was not made in a way I would approve of and that makes me uncomfortable. I am thinking of joining or even starting some organisations that try to keep sex workers safe and increase respect for their profession; while at the same time reducing the sense in which prostitution and pornography are views as inherently bad or wrong. As long as meaningful consent and real choice are involved, I think erotica and all those who work in the sex industry are healthy and deserving of more respect than they normally get.

As I approach what some would call middle age, I am more comfortable in and with my (now heavily inked) body than ever before. And I hope and wish that all my regular readers will continue to enjoy the sexual aspect of their lives in whatever way satisfies them for a long time to come.

Looking to the future… In terms of my work-life I am now a senior manager in my company and have ideas and plans for improving my own prospects as well as those of my colleagues and the company itself. It will mean working even harder, but I have never been afraid of that. This should bring financial and material rewards for Sophie and I and we are thinking about moving home although staying in Switzerland. I am also going to apply for Swiss citizenship now that Britain seems obsessed with the national suicide that is called Brexit.

I also want to make time to concentrate on several writing projects I have in mind. I always wanted to invest more in writing but have often struggled to fit it in between all my other activities. I have now decided to make my writing ambitions a bit more concrete and hopefully my experience in blogging over the past eight years will be an advantage in that. One of my writing projects will be a semi-autobiographic book about Satanism which has been at the back of my mind for a number of years. I am also working on ideas for travel articles, and novels exploring sex and relationships in a way that I have always wanted to read. I have a few science fiction and fantasy ideas as well. In order to give myself some time for all those projects I am going to step back from blogging. I’m not going to say I won’t contribute at all to our blogs in future; if I have something I want or need to say I will do so…

Our blogs will not stop though. Sophie and Tina (who is now a thoughtful and enthusiastic Satanic woman in her own right) will continue with Devil’s Advocates and Smokers Writes, and may even continue to post here from time to time.

We are a strong family trio, with fingers in many pies, and our story will continue…


Which way now?


We have been reposting a few posts we like here but other than that we are at a bit of a loss to know what to do with this blog at the moment.

In terms of writing we devote most of our creative energy to our Satanism blog, Devils Advocates. Being politically incorrect we also write about our unashamed enjoyment of smoking in Smokers Writes. We had intended this blog to be for anything that didn’t fit in either of those places with an emphasis on sexy or sex related posts. Well maybe that is still the case but while we are both hedonists who enjoy indulging in many forms of kink and sexuality, we are not actually sex writers… So there hasn’t been an awful lot to post recently. Moreover we don’t want to limit ourselves to just that.

We don’t want to close or permanently neglect this site though. It just seems that our other blogs and life outside the blogosphere are taking up all our time at the moment.

We are open to suggestions.

Meanwhile watch this space. Who knows what will emerge.

Cassie and Sophie



Several months ago Art Of Stumbling nominated me for a blogging award. It was very kind of her but in fact it was one of those awards that was going around and I had already been nominated for it and answered the accompanying questions. However AoS suggested in her nomination that if people didn’t want to pass the award on, they might instead create their own award. And that is what I have (eventually) done.

There are probably millions of blogs out there writing about every conceivable subject. When I started writing this blog I had no idea where it would go, what it would be about or that it would eventually  lead to two other blogs. It started as a writing exercise. It has become a kind of diary and collection of thoughts and opinions, but unlike an old fashioned diary I am aware that other people read it. Writing when you know there is an audience gives a slant and a focus to what you write, and yet still the best posts are those where you just say what is on your mind without worrying too much what other people will think about it. Some of the most complimentary comments I have received have been from people who appreciate my openness and honesty. In turn I have realised that that is the quality which attracts me to other blogs and bloggers.

Since I started writing this blog I have also started following a lot of other blogs and the ones which mean the most to me, which resonate and affect me; are those  who write openly and honestly about their own lives and lifestyles.

Individualism is fundamental to my personality and outlook on life and I have serious and genuine respect for people who live their lives as fully and honestly as they can even (and especially) when their lifestyle choices often go against the norm.

I love people. I love individuals. I love people who live their life as if they are creating an artistic masterpiece. People who don’t follow the crowd. There is dark and light in all great works of art and music; and I appreciate people who share their pain and their fears and the dark corners of their soul as well as the bright and joyful aspects of their lives.

So I have created the You-Nique award. The emphasis is on YOU, because nominating you for the award means I think YOU are interesting and important and I thank you for sharing your life and experiences with other bloggers. Of course you are also unique, and that is beautiful and profound when you think about it.

There is only one rule with this award. Whoever you decide to pass it on to should ask YOU one question and you should try to answer it.  (Therefore I will try to answer any questions my nominees ask me).

There are many people I would like to nominate, the first batch are listed below, but there will be more.

Art Of Stumbling

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

The Way Of The Transgressor Is Hard

Only Here Only Now

Infernal Deity of a Psychotic Mind – The Silence Within

Missy Tree





And there will be more!

P/S if anybody can make the award look prettier, be my guest!


Reblog Fest

I am busy working in Zurich this week and staying with Sophie so, as much as I like writing for my blog, I am using my energy in other ways this week. 😉

Still, Sophie and I have been looking back at other people’s posts we both like and choosing some of our favourites to share. We hope you enjoy the selection below.


I am likely to be offline for a week or two while working in Eastern Europe.

“I’ll be back!”


I am very limited for time at the moment so I decided to reblog an eclectic selection of posts on other blogs that I have liked recently. See below. I hope you enjoy and maybe discover some other blogs to follow. 🙂

Censored By WordPress?

I am having a strop with wordpress. Several weeks ago I noticed that the hits on my blog were going down dramatically. After a few inquiries on the wordpress support forums I found out that it was because my blog had been flagged as “mature”. As a result it no longer shows up in topics at all and is not seen much beyond those who already subscribe to it.

Now I do understand that as a responsible online publisher WordPress does have to make sure it’s services are not exploited and particularly that nothing obscene or criminal is published here. I have certainly not done that.

WordPress say that you can publish things which are of an adult/mature/sexual nature but those things will not appear in topics, freshly pressed or anywhere else. Fair enough, but…

I don’t deny that I sometimes write about adult and sexual themes. But not always, and actually not that often. Sometime ago I wrote and published an erotic story on my blog. I marked it as mature myself. There was a very soft focus erotic image attached to that story which I felt was erotic without being in any way pornographic. It does disturb me somewhat that the WordPress terms of service seem to regard nudity of any sort as “mature”. That seems a bit Nineteenth Century to me.

Anyhow I do sometimes write about sex. However I usually try to look into the politics and psychology behind sex, which I think is something worth discussing in an adult way. I have also very occasionally written about my own sexual experiences; but again I think in all such cases I flagged those particular posts as mature myself.

I am also honest and upfront on my “About Me” page and in the little blurb on my main page, about the fact that I do sometimes write about mature themes. I think I have acted responsibly about this.

What annoys me is that most of my posts are not of that nature. In the past week I have written about American politics, blogging awards and general spirituality. It is quite a while since I have written anything explicitly about sex. But should I stop writing about sex altogether, just so that my other posts can be seen more widely? Surely that defeats the whole purpose of personal blogging? Moreover, it is without doubt, an insidious form of censorship.

Perhaps I am justified in asking the question, “Is my blog really being restricted because of occasional references to sex; or could it be that the powers that be just don’t like my religion or my politics?

Well rather than get into conspiracy theories I have a question for the good folks at wordpress. Isn’t it possible that with all the technology at your disposal that individual posts can be marked as mature; rather than semi-banning entire blogs?

The volunteers on the forums were quite helpful but said the matter was out of their hands and would have to be dealt with by a member of staff. I have been waiting for more than a week for that to happen.

I like the community here at wordpress and the other services that are provided. I don’t want to move my blog somewhere else but neither do I want to restrict myself unduly.

I maintain that I am a very responsible blogger and I always flag any material that could cause offense.

I very much hope this situation can be resolved amicably.

Meanwhile, since this post is unlikely to be published as widely as I would like, I would appreciate comments and suggestions from those who do see it.